I am so glad your here! Tales From Home is an ever-growing story about making life better. We are a family of reformed couch potatoes embracing a new healthier lifestyle. All this change has come with a bit of chaos but a lot of laughter and love!

Change can be hard but I truly believe that anyone can achieve their dreams if they really want too. Tales From Home will highlight both our success stories and the road bumps because we are all on this journey through life together and none of us are perfect.

We are a keto/low carb eating family (well the kids get to cheat a little) who love running, hiking and discovering new things. Tales From Home will highlight everything from crafts, DIY, Recipes, Fitness and our various outdoor adventures. From our family to yours – we wish you a successful journey towards your dreams and hope that you will join us on our adventure towards ours.

All our Best,
Kristin, Keith, Zoe & Brooke