Bouncy Castle 101 – Keeping Your Kids Safe with Inflatables

Parents are always looking for ways to engage their kids in productive and safe activities. On the other hand, kids are always seeking new and fun ways of staying entertained. However, during playtime, there is a high chance that kids can get injured if they are not properly supervised.

Bouncy Castle 101 – Keeping Your Kids Safe with Inflatables

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Of course, playgrounds, bouncy castles, and other fun equipment for younger children provide an opportunity for them to play outdoors. In the process, they exercise their bodies, learn how to balance themselves, and develop stronger bones.

But when it comes to inflatables, you need to observe all the moves your kids make. Every year, many children sustain minor and major injuries while playing inside the castles. Some of them need to be taken to the ER, while some just come out with scratches and scrapes.

This is why you need to teach your children how to be safe when playing. When they understand that there are rules guiding play in the bounce house, it will reduce their chances of getting injured.

Things to Consider Before Setting Up Your Own Inflatable House

Inflatables like bouncy houses have become quite popular as you can rent or buy them. You can also set them up without the help of professionals. However, there are things you need to consider before setting up one.

1. Beware of Sharp Objects

This may be a no-brainer, but you need to keep away objects that can puncture the inflatable. This is not limited to scissors and knives; it includes jewelry, glasses, and shoes.

2. Operating the Inflator

You can pump inflatables using air pumps just like air mattresses. But if the air leaks, the house will deflate, and this can be dangerous if kids are inside. So, ensure you know how to operate the inflator. That way, if anything goes wrong, you will act quickly.

3. Watch the Wind

You need to observe the strength of the wind before setting up an inflatable. Some of them can withstand wind speeds of about 25 MPH. However, when the wind speed is between 13 to 17 MPH, you need to deflate the bounce house. Ensure you consult the manufacturer’s manual before setting up.

You can watch this video to see how to set up a bounce house.

Safety Tips for Playing in an Inflatable House

The following safety tips need to be observed when playing in an inflatable house:

  1. The castle must be under constant supervision by an adult or a staff member if it was rented.
  2. Kids who are older than 3 years old must be separated from those younger than them, except there is an adult in the inflatable house.
  3. Anyone with a head, back, neck, or other kinds of muscular-skeletal injuries, pregnant women, and people who are prone to injury from bumps, bouncing, or falls should stay away from the inflatable.
  4. Acrobatic moves or any kind of rough play should not be allowed.
  5. No bouncing at the entrance or on the step.
  6. Shoes, jewelry, and glasses have to be removed before going into the bouncy castle. This also applies to drinks, food, strings, and pets.
  7. Kids should not be allowed to place the netting in their mouths.
  8. Anyone who does not follow the safety rules should be removed from the inflatable house.
  9. No one should be allowed to climb on the exterior of the bounce house.
  10. Everyone has to go down the slide feet first, one person at a time for each lane.
  11. Somersaults, wrestling, flips, and diving are highly prohibited. Each person needs to play at a safe distance from each other and stay away from the entrance or exit and sides.
  12. Except the instruction doesn’t say, “No adults”, then adults need to stay away.
  13. Keep to the instruction concerning the number of children that can fit into the house at a time. If the instruction says, “a maximum of 6 children”, do not try to squeeze in the seventh child.

There are other safety tips that you may find useful here:


We have highlighted some tips to keep your kids safe when they are in an inflatable house. Allow your kids to have fun, but do not compromise their safety.

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