Designing The Ideal Kitchen: Tips and Tricks

A kitchen can be so much more than just a place to cook food. To make the kitchen feel like your home place, you have to give it your own individual look and feel. You need to consider how you use the kitchen, the style you want, colors, and so much more. This post looks at some top kitchen design tips to consider when planning your kitchen remodel.

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Eliminate wasted steps

One of the top kitchen designing tips is eliminating wasted steps in your kitchen. By removing or redesigning steps, you’ll save time and maximize efficiency.

For example, you could install a dishwasher next to your plate wear cupboards to easy access when unloading. You could also place a trash can under the sink rather than having to go all the way out into the garage.

As long as you’re willing to take some time and research, this tip can help your kitchen turn into one of your favorite rooms in your home!

Consider the work triangle.

The work triangle rule is that the three most used appliances or kitchen areas need to form a triangle. Typically this is the stove, the sink, and the refrigerator. Their placements should be close to each other and form the basis of the kitchen design.

Keep walkways clear

An important factor when designing a kitchen is how you want to utilize the space. Do you want to make it more functional with lots of storage and counter space? Or will you use it for cooking, entertaining, and other valuable purposes?

While these are both great uses for a kitchen, you’ll have to consider the flow of walkways to maximize the potential of your kitchen. There must be enough space in your kitchen to accommodate all the walkways so that people can move easily around it.

When designing your kitchen, keep walkways clear so that people can get around quickly without getting caught up on things like cords, appliances, or furniture. It will also help maintain a tidy look and feel of your home.

Improve the food preparation area

The food preparation area is often neglected in kitchen remodeling. But this is a space that you need to keep in mind when designing your kitchen because it’s where the cooking happens, and the way you use it can make or break the mood of your kitchen.

To make the food preparation area practical, think about what type of appliances you want there and how they help your cooking routine. Consider what sort of d├ęcor you want there and how it will help your cooking routine. You’ll want to consider how much space you need for all the ingredients that will be used while cooking so that they don’t get overcrowded.

Plan for space next to appliances

The countertop can be pretty full by the time you have set out all of your appliances and devices. Kitchens can then become cramped; everyone knows this. But carving out extra space can allow you to reduce the clutter. For example, if you like to cook with many appliances and pots and pans, you might want to plan for some extra space next to them or consider utilizing wall space to remove items from your countertop.

When planning for space next to your appliances, don’t forget about a workstation that will keep things neat and organized. But also remember that it’s essential to make sure the space is not too cluttered so that you can use all the area effectively.

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