Dollar Tree Christmas Globe, An Easy DIY Decoration

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe

Now that it’s December I feel 100% justified in posting another Christmas craft! To be honest, if my budget would allow me too I would probably post a new Christmas craft every day this month. The Christmas spirit has hit me hard this year and my jaunts around the Dollar Tree have left me will so many ideas. The hardest part about making this Dollar Tree Christmas Globe was putting back all the other ideas I had collected in my cart (for now anyway!)

This project is slightly more involving then our earlier Deer Diorama craft but not by much! But it doesn’t contain any other skills such the woodburning in our DIY Ornament. If you can use a glue gun then you can make one of these with no trouble at all!

Dollar Tree Christmas Globe, An Easy DIY Decoration

Diy dollar tree christmas globe

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Dollar Tree Christmas Globe – Supplies

From the Dollar Tree

From Home

  • Small Spray bottle (I use an old body spray bottle)
  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Food Coloring
  • Water
  • Light colored thread

Dollar Tree Christmas Globe – Directions

fluffy cotton sprayed with blue food coloring

Step 1 – Preparation

Before getting started with the globe there are a few things to prepare ahead of time. This will make it easier when you start assembling things. First of all, fill your small spray bottle with a bit of water and mix in some food coloring. The color you pick should match with your supplies or theme! Since I chose to use blue/white and silver colors I used blue food coloring.

Take a few cotton balls and pull them apart so they look more like fluffy clouds. This will make your ‘snow’.  Lay your snow on a piece of paper or plastic and spray it with your food coloring mixture. You just want to add a little bit of color, not drench the cotton so a light misting is fine! Set aside and allow to dry. Alternatively, you can just leave your snow pure white.

Dollar tree gift tags pulled apart to make a DIT dollar Tree christmas Globe

Next, take your gift tags and pull off the little 2D decorations. They should be attached with small sticky squares and pretty easy to pull apart. If you bought gift tags without these 2D additions then you can simply cut out the figure you want by hand. Set aside the cut pieces.

Step 2 – Inside the Globe

Blue tinted cotton glued to the bottom of a plate candle holder to make a DIY dollar Tree Christmas Globe

Once your cotton snow has dried use a glue gun to attach it to the middle of your glass plate. You can measure out how much you need to glue down by placing your glass bowl over top of it and making a few marks with a dry erase or sharpie if you want. I just kind of eyeballed mine as I knew anything extra would eventually get covered up anyways!

Deer and Tree decorations added to the DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe project

Once your snow has been secured it’s time to add the details. I chose some cute pine trees and deer (big surprise I know!). For this step, you should make sure that your decorations will fit into your globe. The cotton is pretty good at keeping them in place for a few seconds while you slide the globe over top to test placement. Once you’re happy, use a glue gun to secure them to the cotton properly.

Step 3 – Make It Snow

This step is the only part that is slightly tricky – and that’s mainly because you are working in a small space. If you have a mini glue gun and it fits through the opening of your bowl then you won’t have any trouble. If you are working with a large glue gun then I suggest finding an old pencil that you can use to transfer the glue to the bottom of your bowl as needed.

Measure out a few pieces of string (I did three). You want to make sure that all your snowflake won’t hang at the same height but also won’t be too long and just sit on the bottom of your globe! The easiest way to do this is to turn your globe upside down and hold your sting up to eyeball it.

snowflakes glued to top of glass bowl for a DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe

The snowflake gems I bought had small sticky dots on the back so I just sandwiched the string in-between the sticky backs and called it done. If your snowflakes don’t have sticky backs then use your glue gun to put a piece of string between two gems.

Glue the other end of your thread to the inside top of your globe. Just make sure to position them where they won’t hit your decorations. Marking safe spots on the top of your globe while it’s placed over your decorations works well if you want to be absolutely sure.

Step 4 – Decorate the Top of your Globe

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe, using burlap ribbon to decorate the top

With your snowflakes attacked go ahead and put your bowl over the plate upside down. You can glue your bowl down if you like, I left mine free in case I decide to change up the inside scene next year.

DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe, faking a burlap Ribbon

Decorating the top of your bowl is pretty simple! You can simply attach a pre-made bow if you like and then glue some flowers and Christmas bulbs around it or fake a bow with a few strips of burlap ribbon like I did. Christmas florals and small bulbs make for some pretty additional decorations but feel free to choose something that matches your own Christmas theme!

Decorating the top of your DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe

Step 5 – Finishing Touches & Display

Once I finished the top of my globe I put some extra snow about the bottom lip of the plate and added a few more snowflake stickies to the outside of the globe. Some smaller florals would also look very nice, though all the ones I had left were a touch too big.

Once completed, make sure to display your Dollar Tree Christmas globe somewhere special and be proud of a decoration you created from scratch!

A DIY Dollar Tree Christmas Globe, completed project.

Do You follow a Christmas Decoration Theme?


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  1. I love what you do with Dollar Tree stuff. This turned out great.

    1. Author

      The Dollar Tree is my favorite store for crafting ideas. So glad you are enjoying them!

  2. I love your Dollar Tree Christmas globe. It is so adorable. I would like to make some of these to give away as gifts. It is amazing but it you look, you can find some of the nicest decorating ideas at Dollar Tree.

    1. Author

      So true! The Dollar Tree is probably one of my places to shop. You might have to be a bit creative when you’re looking around but the possibilities are endless.

  3. You are always so super creative. I love this idea!

  4. The colours in this are so pretty. It really looks icy cold and wintery. Beautiful craft project.

    1. Author

      Thank you! I really love icy colors, blues and whites, in general, are some of my favorites.

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