Electricians and Electrical Contractors in BC

Imagine what Great Britain will look like if it was 4 times its size. Well, you do not need to think too hard as the Canadian Province of British Columbia will be a perfect match. This indeed proves that Canada is a big nation.

With such a large landmass, there are several highs and lows that British Columbia is faced with. One of the setbacks is the shortage of workers in the electricity sector.

Especially thanks to migrants from various locations around the world, the situation has gotten better in recent times. However, there is still the need for skilled hands in this industry. For more on this, you can read this article.

But even at that, residents in British Columbia and all of Canada cannot throw caution to the wind. They are expected to engage only capable hands when there are issues to be addressed.

To ensure that they do not fault in doing this, this article will explain how residents can go about finding the right electrician or electrical contractor for their various needs. But first, how about knowing the difference between both professionals?

Are Electrical Contractors and Electricians the Same?

There is a slight difference between electrical contractors and electricians. An electrical contractor can best be termed as business-minded because s/he runs an electrical firm that has electricians working as employees.

So when you contact a contractor, you get one of the employees (an electrician) sent to attend to your needs.

On the other hand, an electrician can work as an individual, an employee of a contractor, or an electrical company. For more on the difference between these professionals, you can visit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electrical_contractor

Should You Hire an Electrical Contractor or Electrician?

We strongly advise that you deal with a contractor instead of an independent electrician. This is even though reaching out to an electrical contractor or the company can be more costly. Some of the reasons for this are explained below:


When you contact them for your electrical needs, they end up sending one or some of their operational team to handle the situation. But more than this, the advantage is that these employees are accountable to the company.

For instance, some companies have their clients give remarks and ratings on the service rendered. This encourages the electricians to be up and doing as lapses can be reported and penalties meted out.


If you have a reasonable reason to disapprove of an employee, the contracting service can send another electrician to handle the situation. So, you have alternatives with this option.

Better Equipped

More often than not, these electrical companies are more equipped with material and human resources. They have sufficient hands that can help out when necessary. As a result, the process is usually faster.

Many of them also conduct periodic training and retraining for their operational staff members. This ensures that the team is up to date in rendering quality service to clients.

However, the decision to hire a contractor or electrician is eventually up to you. This is because there are several electricians and electrical contractors that you can hire for your jobs.

Tips on how to Hire an Electrician or Electrical Contractor

Whichever option you choose, you should look out for the following things:

Trained and Licensed

In BC and all of Canada, pertinent training and licensing are required before an electrician or contractor can operate.

So, you should ensure that your hired hand meets this requirement. This will also help prove that the professional can handle the job at hand.


Experience is very important in this industry. As a matter of fact, it is one of the things that help distinguish a journeyman from an established professional.

So, you should pay attention to this before allowing the hired hand access to your electrical installation.

Location and Recommendation

First, you should not hire somebody who is not based nearby. This is so that you can get timely help when you need it.

Next, you should ask for people’s opinions about capable professionals. More than you know, this will help you make the right choice. For more on the subject of hiring the right electrician or contractor, you can check here.

Wrap Up

At some point, you are going to need the services of an electrical contractor or electrician. When that time comes, you need the best hand to handle the project.

To ensure that this is the case, we have shared some information to help out and advise that you adhere to them.

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