Guide to SurveyJunkie – Earning money as a SAHM

It’s no secret that I love survey sites. Don’t get me wrong, taking surveys is not my favorite thing to do! But it’s an easy way to save some extra money for the Holidays and that I do love.  Recently I have come across yet another site that can make you some extra cash if your willing to put a little bit of time into it – SurveyJunkie!

As always I want to say that doing surveys online is not a get rich quick endeavor. That said I was able to make $1000 in 6 months when I really wanted to save for something.  So it is viable, it just takes time and some dedication. Since time is precious to all of us I have decided to set up this quick introduction to SurveyJunkie so that you can get right to earning without all the figuring out that normally happens when you join a new site.

What I love about SurveyJunkie

  • Joining – Joining this site is really simple, enter your email, answer a few questions and boom! you are ready to earn.
  • Earn Points for Creating a Profile – You know all those long profile questions most survey sites make you fill in when you join? You earn points for doing them on SurveyJunkie! They are also broken down into smaller sections so you don’t have to do them all at once if you don’t have time.  You should probably make sure and complete them at some point though, as you will get better surveys.
  • Clean Homepage  – While some survey sites can be overwhelming to newcomers, especially if you are not used to doing online surveys, SurveyJunkie is very clean and simple. There are no crazy banner ads and no pages full of clickbait offers. It’s just simple clean cut and easy. Even if you have never participated in online survey sites before, you will be able to easily figure out SurveyJunkie.
  • Low Payout threshold – While some sites make you wait until you have earned $30 or more to get paid, SurveyJunkie only has a $10 limit. I love that I can cash out without having to wait quite as long. I might be making the money at the same rate as other sites, but getting paid sooner makes me feel like I am accomplishing more and who doesn’t love that?

In fact, the only thing I can say about SurveyJunkie that could be taken as a criticism is the number of surveys available. Most days when I log in I see about 5 surveys available. This is far lower than the amount available on  Swagbucks, Cashcrate or Inbox Dollars BUT the points offered per survey are pretty good and it makes this site a quick stop I can add on to my other sites to make money without feeling like I am going to have to spend the whole day there. So it evens out.

How to Get Started

Getting Started on SurveyJunkie is so simple! Simply click the link below and fill in your email, or alternatively sign in with your Facebook or Google+ account.  You will then be directed to fill out a quick survey so that the company can set you up with the right surveys. Don’t worry its only about 5 questions.

Just for signing up and answering those 5 questions you will receive 25 points!  Confirming your email, Going through the Tutorial and completing your profile will earn you another 85 points. In just those few steps you will have made over a dollar. Simple right?

Now you can start taking surveys, simply click on the ones that sound interesting or have a great time to point value ratio and start earning! SurveyJunkie is really great about labeling all of their surveys with an estimated time and general theme so you can pick out the ones you feel like doing and ignore the ones you don’t.

Once you have hit the $10 reward threshold simply click on ‘Redeemable Points’ on the left-hand side of the screen and follow the prompts. SurveyJunkie allows you to redeem through Paypal or Egift gift cards. Options for everyone, although my personal favorite is always Paypal!

And that’s all there is to it. SurveyJunkie is quick and simple. The perfect site to get your feet wet when trying out Online Surveys as a side hustle. Once you get addicted to the extra money you should also check out the following posts for more Tips & Tricks about other popular Survey Sites!

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