How I got my kids to hang up their coats.

A picture of a DIY coat Rack

I think we all have those spots in our homes. You know the ones. Those places where mess seems to pile up and …breed. There’s really no other way to put it. The piles start as one item and sometime between the last time you looked at it and when you stumbled over it just now you find its doubled or even tripled in size. In my home, one of those spots was just inside the door. Since our house doesn’t have a closet for shoes and coats the kids would come home from school, kick off the shoes, throw down the coats and leave. When my husband came home his shoes often joined the pile. I can guiltily admit that my own sandals found their way over there on more than one occasion.  IT was time to find a better way and this DIY coat rack turned out to be perfect.

Our entryway was a mess

No matter how hard I looked nothing pre-made would work.  Everything was either too expensive or too big for the space we had. It was time to get creative and to keep costs down I turned to (Where thanks to Swagbucks I had earned enough Gift cards to make this entire DIY coat rack at no cost to the family!). You can see how I did this by reading our Guide to Swagbucks.

On Amazon, I finally found a shoe rack that was both affordable and small enough to fit in the space we had, when it arrived I had to put it together but the instructions were pretty simple. The whole thing took only a couple of minutes.

The coat rack turned out to be a bit tricker, half of them were too big. The other half looked like they would be too easy to knock over… and I didn’t want to think about what would happen if the coat rack fell on TV.  Eventually, I gave up on a coat rack and searched for Coat Hooks. I didn’t really need a rack, something hung on the wall would be just as good, but I didn’t want plain boring hooks either. When I stumbled across these little black leaf hooks I was well…hooked. They fit right in with my love of nature. Our DIY coat rack was slowly taking shape.

Of course, they wouldn’t look right just hung on the wall! A bit more searching and I came across this lovely tree decal, I was timid about it at first, I mean what if I wanted to paint the wall later on? But the description stated they were easy to take off and even re-usable so I took the chance and added it to my cart.

This DIY coat rack solved it all

Since I’m a Prime member (we are far too impatient to wait any longer than 2 days) the decal and hooks arrived quickly. Setting up the tree took a bit of time (I suggest cutting all the pieces out and laying them on the floor to make sure it looks right before placing on the wall) but in the end, I really love how it turned out. True to the description I found it quite easy to take off. I was able to move leaves and branches without any problems at all.

Once the tree was up the hooks followed. I simply screwed them into the wall with some anchors. The leaves matched the decal perfectly! I loved it.

Even better?

So did my kids! It turns out that its more fun to hang your book bags and coats on a tree then it is to throw them on the ground.  By the time the fun factor wore off the habit of hanging up their belongings had already been established. Now my entryway is clear and there’s one less mess in my life.
A hand painted key rack to match a coat rack.
I even used a few extra leaves and some black paint to make a matching key rack on the other side of the door. All in all, it was a fun and successful project.


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