Keeping Your Skills Sharp: 4 Quality Tutorials to Help Refresh Your Skills

Even those with decades behind them still have something to learn. While the principles around locksmithing may be constant, the ever changing marketplace of equipment, tools, and locking solutions makes it essential to ‘stay on top’ of the latest trends and ensure that your skills are fully up to snuff.

So, why is it so important to regularly refresh your abilities and what potential options are available to watch on your phone over your next lunch break?

Why is it so important?

Aside from embracing a willingness to grow and change, it is essential that you equip yourself with the skills, experience, and knowledge necessary to tackle a number of common problems.

Continuing to add to your skill set allows you to become a well-rounded professional that can face down challenges and make savvy choices when it comes to expanding your in-house equipment and saving your clients time (and effort) when it matters most.

What should I favorite?

Whether you’re looking to refresh your fundamentals or grow your awareness about new quality kit on the market, it’s worth taking the time to check out-

<b>Bosnian Bill:</b> Perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike, Bosnian Bill is a highly prolific YouTuber who covers the fundamentals, looks at antique and modern kit, and explains the complex principles behind the trade with ease. Famous for interacting with his audience, sending him a link or an email will often lead to him examining problems, toolsets, and more – making him a valuable resource that’s fun to watch into the bargain.

Check them out from here.

Texas Jim: A seasoned professional with a keen eye of detail, Jim’s site is full of a catalog of mainstream and niche locks. Each short video talks viewers through common problems, potential solutions, and isn’t shy about showing where brute-force may be the most elegant solution. Educational, informative, and entertaining – there’s no better way to get up to speed and fast.

Check them out from here.

Lockpicking Lawyer: A guilty, but helpful, pleasure. The Lockpicking lawyer quickly made a name for himself through his ‘speed’ challenges, videos where he opens a lock blind at incredible speed. Consumer-led, the channel is a quick –and enjoyable way to learn more about the kit on the market and make quality recommendations to clients, customers, or to restock effectively.

Check them out from here.

What about practical equipment

As a trade, locksmithing is less about practical equipment than principles and fundamentals. However, taking the time to pick up the right equipment for a range of jobs can help cut the time and effort required for a job and give you a range of options for every session. Adding a range of tools for rekeying locks can help ensure that your kit is complete for every situation. A common job for every profession, adding kit that ranges from simple pinning kits, plug removers, and durable shims (though you’re certain to have a homemade brand that’s right for you). Adding these to your regular kit can help ensure that you have the gear you need when it really counts.

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