New Year, New Me & Changes to build on.

The last few months have been a series of drastic changes for my family and me. All of these changes have been for the better and I am sincerely hoping that they are changes that I will be able to build on in the coming year. A new year is a fresh start, and although it is not a magical charm that will ensure your success it is a time to look forward, to forget about the previous year’s mistakes and build on the good points. New Year. New Me. New You!

In the last six months, my family has changed our entire lifestyle. We got serious about eating healthy – really serious. Between my husband and I, we have lost a total of almost 90Ibs. We have more energy, fewer aches, and pains, fewer health issues and have created a more active lifestyle.  By taking care of ourselves we are setting a positive example for our children to follow.  An example that they will pass on to their own children when they grow up and create families. In the coming weeks, I will share with all of you how we have managed such a drastic change.

Where do we go from here?

This is a great question and it is something that I spent a lot of time thinking about. I am getting healthier but there are still things that can be improved in my life. In this new year, I plan to continue with my active lifestyle. I want to hike more, camp more and run more. I also plan to continue with my healthy eating habits ( I wouldn’t mind losing another 10Ibs or so). But why stop there? My house needs organizing, it is in a state of chaos that can be aggravating and is an area I plan on improving.

I also intend to spend more time on creative outlets, I will write more, draw more and make sure I take the time to do things that are important to my own well being. It might seem like a lot to take on in the beginning but I have learned that there is a snowball effect in these kinds of changes. One step leads to another which leads to another.

In eating healthier I found the ability to be more active, in being active I am finding the energy to be more organized and I am hoping that being more organized will give me the time to be more creative.

Overall Goals for 2018

  • Organization – Start a Bullet Journal, Set up a chore chart for the kids, reduce household clutter and streamline cleaning tasks so they do not seem so overwhelming.
  • Remain Active – Run at least three times a week, take the kids hiking and camping at new parks, run a 5k with the husband.
  • Eat Healthily – Continue following the Keto Diet, lose those last 10Ibs and try not to overindulge on special occasions
  • Be Creative – Try out that Quilling kit I bought on Amazon but has just been collecting dust. Work on the living room painting & finish a few promised pieces. Dedicate time to improving artwork. Try Camp Nano this summer and do Nano Wrimo this fall.
  • Save & Earn – Continue working on Swagbucks, Inbox Dollars & CashCrate. Try out Achievement (If I am going to be exercising I might as well make some money doing it!)

How are you going to spend your New Year?


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  1. it’s nice to write out your goals plus get accountability from others! you seem to be doing well so far and congrats on the weight loss! my big goal this year is CLUTTER, plus keeping up with my new blog schedule (aiming for consistent blog and IG posts). i also posted a mini status on my personal fb yesterday to remind myself where i’m headed!

    btw i just earned my first $10 on achievement in December (started in april, got fitbit on thanksgiving). points definitely grow faster with the device! =P

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