Personalized Shampoo, Haircare just for you!

personalized shampoo from Formulate

Dealing with your hair can be a real love/hate relationship. Sometimes it looks great, other times you can fight with it all day and never be satisfied! Unfortunately for most of my life, I’ve spent far more time fighting with my hair then loving it. I never liked the color and due to its super fine nature, it tends to be unruly and hard to manage. It knots at the slightest breeze and turns frizzy if the air even hints at some moisture – which can be a real problem when you live in the south! Of course, if I had heard of personalized shampoo earlier half of these problems might have been avoided!

I was so intrigued when Formulate approached me with the chance to try their custom shampoos and conditioners that I knew I just had to try it! I mean it makes sense when you think about it! We’re all different and so is our hair – so why should we all be using the same shampoos and conditioners?

Personalized Shampoo, Haircare just for you!

personalized shampoo from formulate

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So How Exactly do you get Personalized Shampoo?

I mean, it’s not like you can just walk into Walmart and get something mixed up for you right? Thankfully it turns out that creating your own personalized shampoo formula is even easier. You don’t even have to leave your house! When you visit Formulate’s Website simply click on the ‘Get Your Formula” button right there on the front page! From there you will be invited to join the formulate family and answer a few questions about your current hair, any problems you might be having and your future hair goals. Maybe you want to increase manageability or increase growth. No matter what you pick the chemists and engineers at Formulate will come up with a customized formula just for you!

They even take the average weather conditions for where you live into account! The hardest part of the entire test? Probably choosing the scent I wanted to try. I mean whats great shampoo without a great scent? In the end, I picked “At Dawn” which was said to be a mixture of roses, green apples, and pears. I’m a sucker for green apple scents but even so, there were quite a few others that sounded really lovely.

personalized shampoo and conditioners from formulate

What About the Rest of the Formula?

In addition to the absolutely divine scent, I also choose a formula which promised to be anti-frizz, increase manageability, and create shine. I also choose to increase my hairs strength and nourish the roots as part of my hair goals.

With all of this, you might be worried that Formulate’s shampoos and conditioners will be filled with all sorts of things we don’t want. BUT! The truth is that Formulate promises that all their personalized haircare are preservative, sulfate, paraben, and cruelty-free. In today’s world, these are just the type of products we all need to be using. they are good for us and good for the earth.

changes to my hair after using personalized shampoo and conditioners

What Happened when you Actually Tried It?

Before I got my Formulate shampoo and conditioner I was told that switching to a paraben free shampoo might take some adjusting too when it came to my hair. I was warned that my hair may feel a bit greasier than normal for a couple of days until things evened out. My hair is already prone to being slightly greasy at times so I was a little bit worried – turns out I really didn’t have to be, my hair might have felt a bit different but it wasn’t really noticeable once styled. The wonderful people at Formulate suggest wearing your hair up for a few days if you’re concerned about it!

For the first little while, I honestly wasn’t sure if the shampoos and conditioners were changing much. My hair felt different when I touched it, not bad, just different! I chalked this up to the anti-frizz and manageability ingredients. I have to admit that my hair did seem to be easier to style. But, I wasn’t sure if the look was being impacted all that much.

However, about a week after I started using the Formulate products my husband asked me if I was doing something new with my hair. I asked him why and he stated that it just looked really nice lately. The only thing I had been doing differently was trying these formulas!  For someone who has always struggled with their hair a random compliment out of the blue is a huge deal! I told him about Formulate and he’s pretty much already told me to keep ordering it. In fact, he’s brought it up more than once – so I guess I’ll be buying some more bottles!

personalized shampoo and conditioners

What if I want to Change Something? Or don’t like my Formula?

When I first started the Formulate process they told me to try out a formula for at least two weeks before making changes. That’s right – you’re not locked into a formula forever! In fact, they tell me it’s not uncommon for people to take a few tries before they find out exactly what they want! Knowing people that seems pretty spot on!

Changing your formula for future orders is pretty simple – in fact, there’s an app for that! Once you receive your shampoo and conditioner you will be invited to provide feedback about your current formula and logging into the app allows you to make any changes you want. For my next order, I will likely try a different scent- I love the one I have but there are others I’m curious about too!

If you decide to make a change or that Formulate just isn’t for you then they have a pretty great policy for that which you can find on their Promise Page.

nice hair after using personalized shampoo and conditioner

Personalized Shampoo – Final Thoughts

I have tried this personalized shampoo and conditioner now for about a month. Even if my husband hadn’t noticed the difference and practically demanded I keep using it I would have ordered it again. My hair is so much easier to deal with now, it probably needs to be cut but it’s far less troublesome to deal with even if it’s grown out of the style I like! Actually enjoying the way my hair behaves and looks is a new feeling for me and I kind of like it! I like that I can make changes as needed and I like that the products I’m supporting are good for not only me but the earth too!

Want to Give Formulate a Try?

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personalized shampoo from Formulate

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Personalized Shampoo and Conditioners #Haircare #selfcare #personalproducts #shampoo < />


  1. This sounds like something I should try. I have very thick, wavy hair and there’s a lot of it so sometimes it’s hard to find something that will work. I’ll have to put it on my list 🙂

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