Tips To Keeping Your Home Clean With Toddlers

When you begin to have kids, you suddenly realize how difficult it is to actually get anything accomplished with them around. It’s almost impossible to get anything done even just around your own home. As someone who is so used to grabbing my purse and hopping in the car, now it’s an hour later and more than a dozen times back inside to grab this and that that you forgot. 

When it comes to cleaning the house, that is something that is even more challenging. In the beginning, when it’s just you and our little one, the big main issues are finding energy to clean as well as having your hands free to do it. I always invest in a quality baby carrier that personally has been a huge lifesaver but mastering doing the dishes while wearing one can take practice as well as if your child even wants to be in one. 

Below are a few tips to keep your home clean while your child grows and becomes a toddler because, during this phase, it’s probably one of the most challenging times. 

  1. Decluttering – The more items you have in your home, the harder it will be for your kids to learn where things belong and how to put them away on your own. One way to start this is by going into the bathroom. Many of the items in the bathroom can get thrown away and not anything of it is sentimental. Go room to room and even if you think you are done, you also want to embrace the concept that decluttering is never done ( especially with kids who always want something else next week ).
  2. Rotate Toys – Once things are sorted and put away there may be a few toys that we aren’t sure what to do with. After a few weeks of going crazy, I realized that there needed to be a toy checkout system. My kids seem to rotate toys often and I hate having a million of them out at all times. I put out the toys that they are most interested in for a few weeks and then after I see what is not being played with, swap it for something they haven’t seen in a while and rotate them as needed. 
  3. Establish A Routine –  If you haven’t had a cleaning routine you need to do so as soon as possible. Daily cleaning routines work best when they are worked into your morning and evening schedule. You want these routines to then switch to habits which is something that feels missed when you do not do them daily. Daily cleaning can keep clutter at bay so then your weekly cleaning takes less of your time. This is also easier than doing deep cleaning or tidying and keeps things focused on other items you want to do. 

Image; Scorpion Septic 

  1. Call Professionals If You Have A Clogged Pipe: If you live in an area that has water in the form of a large area in your yard, you’ll want to make sure that everything is running smoothly, especially when it comes with toddlers. One way to make sure that your pipes are doing its job is by calling in a professional to look at them. Scorpion Septic is key to this! They have one of the best septic tank pumping in Marietta and a business that takes pride in making your home run without you worrying about waste on the outside of your home. Be sure to give them a call if it’s been longer than five years and you haven’t had it serviced. 
  2. Keep It Simple – You and your kids will stay organized when your organization is simple. When items go in one spot in the same spot, then they will know what to do and you won’t spend 20 minutes arguing with them on where it goes. While I love sorting my child’s legos into 20 different bins by color, I know in about 5 seconds they are going to dump all of the bins out in one big mess. Don’t worry about that part. The fewer categories there are, the fewer messes you’ll need to clean up after. 

When it comes to keeping your home clean for your babies, you can only do the very best that you can. If things happen, especially when things get messy, at least you have a quality company to call to help you when you need it most. . 

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