3 Tips For Choosing a Right Window For Your Home

There are windows and doors in every home, which means that they have a big impact on your home’s aesthetic. If those windows get dirty or you get tired of looking at them, 3 things to consider when getting new ones are the quality of glass, what they’re made of, and the style.

Glass Quality

When deciding on a window, you used to only be able to choose between how many panes of glass you wanted. While multiple panes of glass means stronger windows, the air or gas between the panes gives the window more insulation.

However, if it’s insulation you want then you’ll want to go with glass that has low-emissivity. This is essentially UV glass, with a borderline-invisible sheen on the pane that reduces the amount of heat that passes through.

If you live in a neighborhood with a lot of kids or just want added security, you might want to invest in impact-resistant windows. This glass can take serious punishment without shattering, so it’s a great choice for any window glass.

Window Materials

The material that your window is made of really depends on how much work you want to do. Wood, for example, needs to be repainted, stained, or treated every now and then while vinyl windows need practically no work on your part.

Both options provide good insulation properties, but there’s a hybrid known as vinyl-clad wood that offers the minimal upkeep of vinyl with the natural look of wood. Those 3 are the most popular frame materials, but you can also get aluminum or fiberglass.

Choose Your Style

Another tip is to choose the intended style of your window, which is to say how it will open. Most people go with sliding, casement, awning, or the most common hung style. Space can be a factor, so keep your home’s location in mind.

Sliding windows do just that, opening across if there’s a tree or fence obstructing an open window. You have the option between single-, double-, or even triple-sliding frames, depending on the look or airflow you need.

Casement windows open out vertically while awning windows are horizontal. The latter flips up from the bottom with a locking lever to create the name. Hung windows come in single- or double-hung styles, consisting of two frames of glass. 

Only the bottom frame opens on single-hung windows while the double can open from the top or bottom. This is useful for families with small children or airflow, but you have to be able to reach the top frame. 

If you are still not sure how to find an appropriate window for your home, you can talk to a local window installer. Simply search on Google, and check the results with good reviews, nice SEO rankings and great website designs. Just be patient and take the time to find a good window installer to help you. Then you will be all set.

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