5 Things We Learned While Moving Our Family

Moving is one of those challenges in life that people either love or hate. Sometimes it can be a little bit of both! While recently moving our family from living in the suburbs to homesteading in the country we have changed our lives for the better but also learned quite a few lessons along the way! Here are just a few!

5 Things We Learned While Moving Our Family

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Stuff! It’s Everywhere!

You might think you’re a fairly organized person, you might even think that you don’t have a lot of stuff. If your lucky then this might be true but for most of us getting ready for a move will really open your eyes! You’ll be cleaning out closets, garages, and sheds. You’ll be finding boxes that might not have seen the light of day for several years and you’ll probably be surprised by all your stuff.

The good news is that moving is the perfect opportunity to donate or get rid of all those things that have been packed away already. If it was stored in the back of a closet then odds are you don’t use it enough to really need it and you’ll save yourself a lot of trouble getting rid of it before you move. Cleaning out some clutter from your life can make your move a fresh start in more ways than one! Take the time to go through old paperwork, clothes, books, and other items that you might not want to drag all the way to your new home.

It’s Not Just Packing Boxes!

Packing boxes might be one of the most tedious parts of moving but it’s far from the only chore you’re going to have to take care of. Don’t forget to foreword your mail, cancel your utilities and set up appointments to start them in your new home. If you don’t want to have a gap in service some of this may require some careful scheduling! Moving can be time-consuming in more ways than one and if your working, switching jobs, or even schools for your kids you might find yourself on a moving deadline that’s coming up way too fast!

It might be worthwhile to look into moving services that can help you out. Companies like Gameday Moving Services can take some of the pressure off! Gameday Moving Services have five years of experience and will offer you a free quote on all their services which, for a residential move can include everything from packing to unloading. That’s a lot of work that you don’t have to worry about!

It Can Be Both Exciting And Sad At The Same Time!

Moving can be kind of a rollercoaster. It’s perfectly okay to be excited about your new home and the opportunities it presents and sad at the same time. You might miss your old neighbors or even services you’ve been used to having. If you have kids this can be especially challenging as they may be saying goodbye to old friends, teachers, and routines. This is often overlooked in the stress of moving and can sometimes take people a bit off guard when it seems to hit while saying goodbye to the old house for the last time.

It’s important to acknowledge your feelings and to realize that you will acclimate to your new home and routines over time. Moving can be a life-changing event and it’s okay to be conflicted over parts of it!

You’ll Probably Need Help!

Moving is a huge task and while we all like to do things on our own moving might not be the best time to do so. My husband and I have managed to pull off some pretty crazy feats all on our own. Since we live pretty far away from a lot of our family and friends we often have to figure out ways to do things on our own without help.

Moving is an exception to this rule, no matter how hard I try I’m just not capable of helping my husband move some of the heaviest items in our house. This is especially true if your family has specialty items. Pianos are probably at the top of this ‘we need help to move it’ list! If you are looking for piano moving in Athens GA then I highly suggest getting help. This is also true for large china cabinets, chicken coops, and other unwieldy objects. Its not worth hurting yourself or damaging your items by trying to do it yourself.

It’s Worth It!

Moving is so much work that at some point you’ll probably ask yourself…is this really worth it? While people tend to move for a lot of reasons most of them involve new opportunities in one way or another. A new home and a fresh start can be a great way to revitalize your lifestyle and make changes that you might not have thought about in your own home. It’s easy to stick with old habits and familiar surroundings. Moving can change both of those in a short amount of time and while it can be challenging – if you set your mind to it, it can be more than worth it too!

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