5 Ways To Organize Your Home To Relieve Stress

You’ve heard it before, but it’s true- getting organized can be a beneficial step to relieve the stress that you’re feeling. Whether you’re stressed about work, fixing the IT issues of your computer, the family reunion coming up, or paying bills, getting rid of the clutter in your home and getting organized will help. If you get stressed out even thinking about adding yet another task to your to-do list, that’s okay!

This is your real first step to organizing- you’re making a plan to get things tidied up and looking fresh! You don’t have to tackle the entire house at once. Instead, you should break it up into smaller, more manageable tasks that you can actually imagine accomplishing. 

Start with areas of the house that you are the most likely to enjoy and appreciate being tidy, like your main living area and kitchen. Then move on to secondary areas that can always use a deep cleaning and reorganizing, such as bedrooms, closets, and the garage. Once the clutter is gone and you are organized, you should consider a few minor cosmetic upgrades to improve your space.

Step 1: Clear Out The Clutter In Common Areas

The common areas of your home tend to be the spaces that you and your family will relax and unwind in. However, they’re also the areas where you and the family tend to work and play the hardest. Striking the right balance of organization and tidiness in these areas can be tricky, but it’s nothing you can’t handle!

Go through everything and place it in one of three piles-

  • Things you need
  • Things you want
  • Things you can get rid of

If you have found too much junk from cleaning your house, you can simply book a bin rental service to get rid of your useless stuff all at once.

After you’ve gotten rid of the clutter, you’ll begin to organize the things that remain. You might find that the problem isn’t too much stuff, but that some things might make more sense in other areas of the house.

Step 2: Sort Your Remaining Items

Go through the belongings that you are keeping and sort them into complementary groups. Once you have things sorted into categories like toys, books, media, and art supplies, you can pick the best place in the house to store them. For example, if children’s toys go in their room, it can make a huge difference in how organized you feel.

Sometimes it isn’t as simple as shuffling things from one room to another, however. Sometimes you just need to give in to updating your storage around the house.

Step 3: Use Space-Saving Storage Solutions To Improve The Vibe

You probably moved into your home with the proper storage solutions for what you owned at the time. However, a lot has changed around the house since then, and it might be beginning to show. Thankfully, you don’t actually have to throw everything out to get organized and feel less stressed!

If you feel like everything in a room belongs, but it still feels messy, look for new storage options. Consider bins, boxes, cabinets, shelves, ottomans, and other hideaway storage options to give the room a more polished and open feeling that contributes to your well-being!

Moreover, if you have some budget, you can buy some new furniture from your reliable local furniture store to free up your valuable space. For example, a storage bed or desk will be the good choice.

Step 4: Make Minor Cosmetic Changes To Decrease Stress

Everyone has one or two spots in the house that they just aren’t satisfied with for whatever reason. Usually, they’re just minor cosmetic issues that don’t cause any real problems, other than leaving you feeling blah.

Rather than trying to avoid these areas or ignoring how they make you feel, dress them up!

If the cracked window frame in the kitchen is distracting, watch a youtube video on how to remove it and install a new one yourself. Meanwhile, you can also fix any issues you have been suffering from your appliances. A fridge repair expert will reduce the strange noises and improve the energy efficiency of your malfunctioning fridge.

The same principle applies all around your house; if it’s an eyesore, fix it! Take care of dingy garages with updated epoxy garage floors or spruce up faded paint with a touchup. Or consider new micro plush carpeting if yours hasn’t been replaced in several years.

Step 5: Spend Some Time In Your Space

Now that you have everything just the way you like it in your home, it is time to relax and enjoy the victory of taking back your house! You will feel like a huge weight has been lifted from both your shoulders and your mind. 

A tidy, organized, and appealing home is sure to improve the way that you feel.

Spend some time in your space, just being. Think about the changes that you’ve made and how they affect you. Consider how you will use the area, now that it is a place that is ready to relax.

Perhaps you can take up other relaxation techniques now that you have some extra space and time!

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