3 Technology You can Use to Improve Your Home Security

Home security has become an increasingly important point for all homeowners. Even landlords are investing in rental properties to ensure safety while ensuring that they can also up their monthly rental rates. Before investing in home security devices or the first gadget they come across, however, the wiser choice is to do some in-depth research to find out exactly what each feature has to offer. Here are 3 tech upgrades property owners can make to improve security.

Smart Locks

Door locks are the first defense against potential intruders. This is why it is essential to make sure that all entry points are protected by the highest quality locks. A regular key lock will not put up much of a fight when a skilled burglar comes along. Many criminals have become so efficient at working around common locks that even onlookers are none the wiser. In a matter of minutes, they can access a poorly protected property. In addition, these intruders usually plan ahead. They watch the occupants and take note of any patterns such as when everyone leaves for work and how long they stay away.

The solution to this common lock problem is simple – smart locks! These locks can be connected to the property owner or resident’s smartphone via Bluetooth or even through an app. They can even be connected to other devices such as home lights, thermostats and so on. Wi-Fi locks are even more impressive since they allow the homeowner to monitor the status of their locks while away. No matter the smart lock, however, professional installation is essential. A trained locksmith team will be able to offer professional advice, technical information and perform a flawless installation that ensures the locks work exactly as they should.

Camera installation

Security cameras have come a long way over the past few years. Thanks to Wi-Fi technology, manufacturers have been able to unlock even more amazing features. Whether away from home or in bed at night, all it takes is a few clicks to see what is going on throughout the home and even outside. Each property is different which means that cameras need to be mounted appropriately to monitor potential entry points and cover all areas of the interior of the home. Hearing a strange noise in the night no longer requires physical investigation with smart cameras installed!

The constant live feed means that homeowners are able to check on their property in real time and alert authorities promptly. Through the same system, homeowners can control other home features such as lighting, thermostats and locks. By being able to control the lights in a home, it can create the impression of movement and this is excellent for keeping potential intruders at bay. Depending on the camera and software, fire notifications can also be sent directly to the property owner’s phone which, again, allows them to notify the relevant authorities right away.

Sensors around the home

No matter how high-tech the lock on an entry door, it never hurts to install motion sensors too. These sensors can be fitted on windows and doors as well as various areas of the home. They are designed to detect movement which is handy when homeowners are sleeping or even when they are away from home. One important tip to remember is the placement of these sensors if pets are in the home. Cats, in particular, have been known to set off alarms since they are more active at night than during the day. By angling the sensors accordingly, homeowners can avoid false alarms. Just like locks and other smart security improvements, motion sensors of today are also connected to smartphones which means that notifications are sent to the phone as soon as any movement is detected. The sensors can be activated and deactivated via an app which makes it so much easier than the old lock and keypad version.

The best part of all is that all three of these features can be installed to ensure maximum home security. Not all features need to be installed at the same time, however. For example, a smart lock would be the best place to start before adding cameras and later investing in sensors. Once all of these devices are in place, they will work together to keep the home safe and secure 24/7. The best thing is that you can build a custom home to include all the features all at once.

Again, it cannot be stressed enough just how important professional installations are. Not only will this ensure that the product works as it should, but it can also affect the warranty. Only authorized and trained experts should install such high-end security features. DIY installations can result in damage or ineffectiveness.

 It is also important for homeowners to look into the reputation of the installation team before allowing them access to their property. A well-established locksmith with a positive reputation is the best place to start. If you are building a house from scratch, you can check with the building team to see if they have a sophisticated IT team or engineering team to ensure the installation of the smart features. Also, do remember to get a house permit before starting any of your construction.

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