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Many children love playing with the latest electronic toys and devices. With new consoles being released, as well as virtual reality systems, and even robotic, interactive pets, children are now spoiled for choice on battery-operated fun. Sadly, a lot of parents end up nearly tearing their hair out at trying to prevent their kids’ addiction to video games, as well as the madness that sets in from hearing the same electronic noises for the 6th hour on repeat.

Due to this, you may wish to consider leaving the tech toys out of the equation for birthdays and other holidays this year. There are many alternatives that can still bring a smile to their faces, without the need for you to take out shares in batteries and earplugs…

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Craft Sets

Among the popular non-electronic children’s toys is the traditional craft set. This may require some assistance from yourself, but can be a great way to spend time together, as well as to tap into their artistic streak. The types of crafts available can also vary, from pottery to baking set, and even to cross-stitch or knitting. Due to this, your child can have fun while learning some important life skills.

Considering that most children enjoy painting and vocational activities, you may also find that doing this keeps them occupied for the whole day, if not more, which can be a welcome break from vying for television or tablet time.


Some children may end up appreciating an experience day far more than they would an actual present. While it is nice to watch them unwrap something, buying a present for the sake of it can be a fruitless endeavor for everyone involved. Your son may much prefer a day as a zookeeper, or your daughter might rather have a track day than a new toy. By looking at their interests, and things they have expressed an interest in experiencing, you can give them some great memories, or even a taster of something they may wish to do for a job when they grow up.

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Sports Equipment

Partaking in sports and exercise is a great way to keep the body toned and healthy. The same is true for children. If your child plays a sport or even has shown an interest in some, you may want to nurture that by getting them their own equipment. A lot of sports equipment can be pricey, meaning it may not be something that they can purchase themselves using their allowance. It is far better for a child to spend time getting fresh air, exercise, and playing with others than to be spent indoors on a console or screen for a prolonged period of time.

Finding ways to avoid buying electronic toys doesn’t mean they can never use them. It can be good for a child to have some variety in the things they play with, and to have a fair chance to explore possible interests too.

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