Christmas Gifts For Dog Handlers

The Christmas season is fast approaching and not only is it the perfect time of year to spend time with family and spoil everyone (even our furry friends!) with gifts, it’s also the perfect time of year to spend time outdoors! These Christmas gifts for dog handlers are perfect for hiking the fall and winter trails or working on some extra training during the offseason.

Your dogs are unlikely to complain if you choose to spoil them with some new gear as they are sure to love the extra outdoor fun that goes with them!

Christmas Gifts For Dog Handlers and Those Who Enjoy The Outdoors.

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The Fire Tanker K9 Harness is perfect for those who enjoy hiking with their dogs. It’s lightweight and versatile with an excellent reflective striping that also makes it a great choice for people who enjoy running with their dogs. With the wonderful mollie system that OneTigris harnesses are known for the Fire Tanker K9 Harness means that you can personalize and enhance your harness any way you like. From fun patches to additional mollie packs you can head into the woods with your furry companion and pack along enough water, treats, and supplies to make it a real adventure.

Pictured with Molle Pack Attachments!

Additional Molle Packs

When hiking, running, and adventuring with your dogs it’s hard to imagine something more useful than a couple of these molle dog packs. They are easily installed on a multitude of harnesses and offer enough space to organize everything you need.

Foldable bowls, waste disposal bags, treats, clickers, and toys, take along everything your dog needs in a handy, durable, and safety conscious reflective pack!


While Connor might not mind packing his own supplies Echo requires a completely different set-up. As a young, excitable, and powerful dog the X Destroyer is exactly what she needs. It’s heavy-duty enough to live up to her rough and tumble lifestyle while also providing us with multiple options for control and training. This harness features metal buckles and multiple D-ring attachments, including one on the chest to discourage pulling.

Like all OneTigris harnesses, you are free to personalize your harness with additional packs, fun patches, and color options.

The Dog Leash 110

We all love to run free with our dogs in the woods or on the trails but we should never leave without a reliable leash on hand. You never know what type of situations might come up and having a sturdy, well-made leash available is of utmost importance. The bungee Dog Leash 110 is perfect for any situation with its double handles and elasticity you can transition easily from letting them explore to holding them close.

Dog Sleeping Mat

Roughing it in the wilds might be great fun but a bit of comfort is rarely turned down by man or dog! These highly portable sleeping mats are as useful on camping trips as they are in the living room. They are easily rolled up which makes them easy to carry and store on the trail or in the house and the outer shell is water/grease and scratch-resistant so no need to worry about muddy paws!

Don’t Forget The Fun!

While I love how useful and well-built this equipment is I would be lying if I didn’t also mention how much I love being able to personalize it!

A multitude of velcro patches and places to stick them means that my dogs can be protected from unwanted distractions, sport some seasonal flair, or just have a bit of fun! Patches can be so addicting however that you might want to consider adding a patch holder to your order!


  1. Great gift ideas. It’s nice to see that all of these ideas benefit both dog and handler. I need to get Penny one of those sleeping mats for when we go camping.

    1. Author

      The sleeping mats are awesome, they roll up and are super light to carry around which is rather important on the trail haha

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