Four Comfort Foods To Enjoy During Winter At Home

Part of the allure that is winter, is the ability to spend more time at home without feeling obligated to go out and socialize in the cold! Comfort food is also a popular one for most people during this time of the year in order to keep warm.

If you’re someone who enjoys food and wants a few extras to add to the recipe book, then these comfort foods below will surely be a welcome addition. While they may not be the most creative or complex foods, they will certainly bring joy to the lips of those who taste them. Here are four comfort foods to enjoy during winter at home.

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Homemade soup

Homemade soup is a favorite for many who are looking to warm themselves up from their head to their toes. It’s the ultimate in comfort food and it’s very easy to make. Whether you’ve got a soup-making machine or you just have a basic saucepot to hand, creating a homemade asparagus soup or cream of tomato soup is easy.

Depending on how chunky you like your soup, will likely determine whether you need some form of a blender or not. However, soups are a great way to get a quick lunch or dinner on the go and it’s also beneficial for getting your five a day. Combine a mixture of vegetables, some broth, and seasoning to get a delicious soup dish. 

Cheese on toast

There’s nothing better than melted cheese on pretty much any type of food. If you love cheese, then cheese on toast is a staple comfort food. Pop some of your favorite cheese on top of your toast and pop it under the grill for a couple of minutes or until the cheese has gone all gooey and slightly browned on top.

Combine this with a relish or sauce of some type and you’ve got a tasty meal that most people will likely embrace with open arms. 

Sausage and mash

It’s a comfort food that you’d imagine having with a nice glass of red wine or with a large cup of hot tea. Two iconic foods that go beautifully together are the humble sausage and mash. That combination can be elevated with a little extra effort if you fancy adding some onion to your gravy concoction. 

If you’re a smooth type for mash, then make sure to peel your potatoes before you boil them. If you’re not fussed, then leave them chunky with the skins on for that extra boost of nutrition. Sausage and mash will likely become a new favorite for the household when the nights get particularly cold. 

Pasta bake

Pasta bake – there’s nothing really more to say when it comes to this dish. Any type of pasta type will do and the ingredients can vary depending on what you fancy. Whether it’s sausage, chicken, or jam-packed with veggies, be sure to top it with cheese for that extra crunch when baked in the oven.

With these comfort foods, staying at home has never felt so good. Make sure you’ve bookmarked this for future use!

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