5 Easy Ways to Gain Blog Traffic for a New Blog

gain blog traffic with these easy to follow tips

More and more people are picking up blogging as a personal venture. You can’t blame them really! Blogging is a fun and fulfilling hobby, especially if you already enjoy writing. A love of writing (but a dismal track record when it came to finishing a book) is part of the reason I chose to start!  A blog can provide you with a space to share your personal thoughts, journal what you’re up to, or just vent. But there is a chance for it to be even more if you want it too! Though knowing how to gain blog traffic can be a bit of a challenge when your first start. 

It’s no secret that blogging can be a means of generating income! It has such lucrative potential I wouldn’t be surprised if it starts showing up on lists like the one I just linked. If your blog has enough readers or generates sufficient traffic, companies will pay you to advertise on your page. They may also send you products to promote and review. If this sounds good to you, here are a few tips and tricks that should help guide as much traffic as possible to your start-up blog! Even if you’re not interested in monetizing your blog, these tips can help you bring in more readers! But they are really just the tip of the iceberg!

5 Easy Ways to Gain Blog Traffic

Gain Blog Traffic

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Write About what you Love!

Being passionate about a subject shines through to your readers. If you are writing about something you love not only will you enjoy your work more (and that’s the whole point right?) but your readers will see that love too. People prefer to read genuine articles written by people with a true desire to share their passions with the world. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stick to one subject! I write about many things on my blog but I always do my best work on subjects I am really passionate about. The first and most important key to bringing people to your blog? Quality content – and that’s just a lot easier to create if you like what you’re writing about!

 Learn About SEO

 SEO stands for search engine optimization. This can be a tricky concept to understand and learning it is an ongoing process, even for me! The whole point of SEO is to try and get your articles to place as high in the search engine rankings as you can! Think about it like this, when you’re looking for something online, you tend to use a search engine and then click one of the first links that show up. You need your articles to show up as high as possible so people will be more likely to click on your page.

There are many ways to help your SEO. If you’re just learning then WordPress plug-in’s like Yoast SEO can be incredibly helpful and give you a real leg up on learning it all. Of course, there are also numerous blog articles out there that also address this! If you find this too confusing or you really just don’t have time then you can always hire companies who will help you out – you can click here to see a little more about what a company could offer and the hassle they could save you.

Create & Be Active On Your Own Social Media

Create your own social media pages and spend time growing a following. Social media followings are a great way to tell people about what you’re doing and directing them to your blog could add some regular readers that will boost your traffic score.

Becoming proficient and growing a following on any social media platform can take time! But! It’s a valuable resource to use and the blogging community on places like Twitter and Instagram can be very supportive and helpful! Joining blogging related facebook groups and Pinterest boards can also help you a great deal! Remember to be genuine on social media, retweet, like and support your fellow bloggers and followers. With social media, you tend to get what you give. Make friends and help each other so you both grow!

gain blog traffic with these simple tips

Work on your Pictures

People are visual creatures and very few people like to read giant walls of text. Make sure to break up your articles with a few well-chosen pictures. You don’t have to invest in an expensive camera either! Most smartphones nowadays are fully capable of taking excellent high-quality pictures. If you happen to have a nice camera laying around though – then all the more power to you!

You can even create a cheap photo booth set up for photographing products or flay lays by visiting your local dollar store and grabbing a few pieces of foam board. I have even heard of bloggers using wallpaper or material samples as a background once in a while too. Taking creative pictures (especially for Instagram) can be a bit of a learning curve but it’s a pretty fun hobby once you get started!

Be Consistent & Stay Organized

Although this might not seem like it’s related to your traffic at first glance posting new articles consistently can really help you out. Not only does new content have the potential to gain new followers but it keeps your regular readers coming back for new content. It also helps keep your social media platforms running with new things to talk about and promote.

It’s much easier to remain consistent if you also stay organized! For some people this is an easy task, for others, it can be challenging. I have found that using a daily planner is the easiest way to keep me on track.

It might take a bit of time to gain the traffic to your blog that you desire, but all the extra time and effort you spend on it now will be more than worth it in the end!

gain traffic with these simple steps

What are your Blogging Goals?

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