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Summer Homesteading, The Fun We’ve Been Up To Lately!

Summer homesteading has been hot and rainy! The heat is hard on some livestock and at the tail end of summer, I can almost see the animals sighing in relief.Read More →

Delicious 100% Satisfying Keto Blueberry Cheesecake

This keto blueberry cheesecake will definitely be added to our favorite list. It's the perfect dessert for a hot summer's dayRead More →

Easy Wellness Tips For Healthy Living

It can feel overwhelming at times to try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t always easily fit in with the reality of your day-to-day life. It can be hard going to work, look after and support your family, maintain your home, eat well, complete exercise, spend quality time with friends

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How Farmers are Saving Money Right Now

Running a farm, whether it is a tiny hobby farm or a large industrial production, is not without expenses, but there are a few things you can do to live even more frugally than you currently do and decrease your day-to-day costs. In 2021, American farmers will face a contradiction of increased

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Homesteading With Rabbits, The Multiple Benefits

Rabbits are not the first animal that comes to mind when people think about starting a homestead but they probably should be! This is especially true if you live on a smaller property or even within city limits. Rabbits are multi-purpose quiet animals that don’t require huge pastures or

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Spirit Untamed, Start The Summer Off With Some Fun!

My kids love going to the movies. Popcorn, big screens, and the perfect movie were how we celebrated quite a few summer vacations. While some of their movie choices were dubious, I have to say that I wasn’t disappointed with this year’s selection. If you have young girls then there

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