Personal injury claims – mistakes to avoid

If you have been injured due to an accident that was not your fault, you may be considering speaking to a lawyer about your options (for example, see this company of slip and fall accident lawyers in Atlanta for details). Now, personal injury compensation can be a straightforward matter. There are certain things your lawyer will need to ask you, and there are time scales involved with processing your case that may surprise you, but other than that you can typically expect a smooth ride. However, there are certain things that personal injury clients get wrong in their minds, which can either slow the process down or lead them to believe certain things that are not true. Let’s get into it…

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Your lawyer is busy (you are not the only client)

This is a common mistake made by many clients who assume that their case is always on the mind of their lawyer. While it is a true that a reputable law firm will handle your claim with due consideration toward your feelings, offering support and updates throughout the case, it is also true that calling or emailing your lawyer on a daily or even weekly basis is going to lead to you thinking that they have forgotten who you are as you explain why you have made contact again. Be aware that lawyers handle many claims, and you should not expect contact to be any more regular than is necessary (which, depending on your circumstances, could mean days, weeks, or sometimes even longer).

Keeping any and all evidence is a smart move 

Assuming that you don’t need to keep things like photos of your injury or any paperwork relating to your accident is a big mistake. Any and all evidence must be kept safe, in case it is needed at a later date. Making a hand written note of anything relevant is one way to ensure that key details are not forgotten (such as the contact details of any eye witnesses). 

Securing receipts for any transport costs are also often overlooked by people as too small an expense to bother with. But it all adds up. For example, you may have had to pay for travel to the hospital, or you may have had to pay for any travel costs involving childcare. If you require multiple appointments and if your children must be taken to stay with a relative during this time, the costs can soon become worth your while claiming back.  

Expecting your claim to be settled at the first available opportunity 

Typically, claims are multi-faceted and new details that are brought to light throughout your case (such as ongoing medical reports) could alter the value of your claim. This means that if you were expecting your claim to be settled the first time that an offer is made by the other side, you could be disappointed. Instead, listen to your lawyer about how to proceed. The offer to settle your case should only be considered where any continuation of your claim would not represent any true value in comparison to the ongoing wait for compensation.

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