St Patrick’s Day – Plant Something Green

A Succulent plant in a green pot Planted in honor of St Patrick's day.

St Patrick’s day is often a day celebrated with parades, festivals, wearing green and (if you’re lucky) some traditional Irish music. Although no one in my family is of Irish Heritage I still find it fun to do a little something for the holiday. Since the holiday coincides so nicely with Spring it was decided that we would ‘Plant Something Green’ this St Patrick’s Day. Although this might be slightly untraditional, I like plants. Plants are good for your home, your health, and the planet. Growing something to celebrate a holiday seem’s like a great option to me! Plus they fit the whole ‘Green’ theme of the day.

Why is Green the color For St. Patrick’s Day?

Fun Fact – Historically blue was also associated with St Patrick. The pale shade of blue was called ‘St Patrick’s Blue’. This shade can still be seen on ancient Irish Flags. 

Green became the color associated with St Patrick’s Day for multiple reasons but has been associated with St Patrick since at least 1640 when it was used by the Irish Catholic Confederation. Multiple other groups associated with St Patrick also adopted the color. The fact that Ireland’s nickname is the ‘Emerald Isle’ probably helped solidify the colors victory over blue.

It is said that we wear green on St Patricks Day because it was believed to make you invisible to Leprechauns. These fairy creatures were said to run around pinching everyone they could see (anyone not wearing green). Thus began the tradition of pinching those who do not wear green on St Patrick’s Day. To remind them of the Leprechauns.

Planting Something Green

In order to follow through with our plan to ‘Plant something Green,’ we turned to our friends at Cacti Creations. Cacti Creations is my absolute favorite place to order Succulents. The variety in their boxes and the health of their plants make them a far better option than any big box store. Here is an example of their Succulent Big box! I highly suggest checking them out!

If you have never worked with Succulent’s before then I also suggest you read our earlier post in order to give your plants the best start – Succulents for Beginners – Plant and care for your Succulents with Confidence.

With our plants ordered picked out it was time to find the perfect container. I knew I wanted something with a bit of green to it (It was for St Patrick’s day after all). Thankfully Amazon has quite a few to choose from ( Look at them all! ). In the end, we decided to go with an earthy-looking container that would be suitable to display year round.

Remember when looking for your pot to pick one with a suitable drainage hole. As Noted in our article above Succulents do not like to be kept in overly wet conditions! It is also important to use a good quality Cactus/Succulent mix soil.

A set of succulents planted in honor of St Patrick's dayHow did you pick your plant?

For this St. Patrick’s day project we choose a few succulents from a Cacti Creations goodie bag. I knew I wanted some green plants (obviously) but also a bit of color. Thankfully our goodie bag contained a wonderful selection. It was so hard to pick exactly what plants to feature in our St. Patrick’s day potting! The kids finally helped me settle on a pretty pink succulent flanked by a pair of green cuttings. As they grow I know they will turn into a wonderful addition to our home!

The addition of more plants to our house has really brought a feeling of spring to the home. It is also a good opportunity to teach children the importance of taking care of our living world and numerous plants have been proven to be beneficial to our home’s air quality. Succulents are a good choice for busy families and children. They require minimal care and come in such a variety of colors and shapes that it is easy to find one that will match your decor.


Do you have plants in your home? Comment below with your favorite kind! I am always looking to expand my collection!

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  1. I would love to add some succulents to our indoor garden at some point. Just need to wait until it’s warmer outside or the poor things will die before they even make it into the house.

    1. Author

      Yeah that would be a real bummer! But Spring is coming =-) Hopefully you don’t have to wait much longer!

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