Stress-Free Christmas Decorating Tips

A lot of families across the world and even in the US look forward to getting together to create the perfect Christmas look of their choice. This unboxes a lot of fun and tingling excitement, but it can become burdensome when Christmas duties for decorations and hospitality begin to roll in.

Artificial versus Natural Christmas Trees

There is a two-way reality into Christmas trees. On one hand, there is the popular and original natural Christmas tree as harvested straight from the woods and sold in stores. On the other hand, there is the artificial one which is made out of synthetic materials.

While many people love to have natural trees due to the ecological feel it gives, some avoid them because of the strain of maintaining them. The natural trees shed needles which could cause some dirt around the home.

On the other hand, artificial trees also have their downsides. While they do not shed needles like the natural ones, they tend to be imbalanced as a result of poor packaging conditions. However, when you purchase a Christmas tree with standard conditions of production, it can last if you can keep it well.

When the festive is over, you need to carefully tuck it right back into its pack, place it someplace safe in your attic. You can always pick it up 11 months after and it will still be in perfect shape.

How to Approach Exterior Decorations

Every part of your home is a frame enough for awesome festive décor. From the railing on your balcony to the jutting flag at the top of your roof (if you have a member of the military in your place), anywhere is good enough for your designs. However, just as with interior décor, you also need to take proper inventory of all the things you need to create lasting impressions with your outdoor decorations.

As a result, you will be able to make informed decisions as to the kind of materials that would fit outdoor conditions. Plastic for instance will fare better on snowy days than cotton which could become drenched and damaged.

Above all, planning would help you evaluate your financial commitment and keep priority first.

The Way to go is Lights!

One of the biggest markers of Christmas is that it has to be in the air. So, at every time of the day, whether you are asleep or awake, you must always keep a light on. I always suggest that you go for longer strings which will hold more bulbs. But holding more bulbs means consuming more power.

You can get your lights after weighing the different options available to you, adaptable to your home conditions, and convenient for your budget at the time.

LED Bulbs versus Incandescent Bulbs

As a result of the huge energy consumption possibilities of the lights, you should find a more compatible solution between LED bulbs and incandescent ones. The difference is clear and straightforward.

While LED bulbs consume less power, the traditional incandescent lights are infamous for their huge power consumption ratio which could create a dent in your budget. So, it is simple: go for LEDs, spend less or go for the incandescent bulbs and increase your bills.

Ornaments, ornaments, and more ornaments…

Ornaments are a great way to spice up the reality of your Christmas in your home. Since using Christmas trees has become stereotypical, you can shake things up by installing ornaments here and there.

While you may want to restrict ornaments to the designs you saw while growing up, I suggest you adopt other creative ways of spicing things up. You can combine different materials including the ones available in the store and hand-crafted ones. Handmade ornaments have become quite popular are people are seeing the need for originality and uniqueness in their designs more than ever.


Use the tree skirt. It helps you create a feeling of string balance around your tree. Besides, it would be good to create a focal point for the gifts at the base of the tree. It will also help you blend your Christmas tree and its colors with your floor so they won’t look two worlds apart. Remember, it is your Christmas, enjoy it. 

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