This Can Be Your Summer Of Almost Free Fun

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Summer is the perfect time to get outside, soak up the rays, live life to the fullest and stay out later than normal (say, 9:15 instead of 9:00 – crazy right?). The issue is, while summer is meant to be a time of fun-filled family adventure, it’s also a constant reminder that you could be having way more fun if you had a bank balance that allowed it. We all stare wistfully at the vacation pictures our friends post on the various social media outlets. But, Don’t worry, this can be your summer of almost free fun!

If you’re like our family, you’re already wondering how much money will be left at the end of the month. This makes the idea of Sunday brunches, rooftop cocktails, family outings to the water park and the vacations you have pinned to your traveling bucket list pretty out of reach. The reality is: your looking at National Debt Relief reviews when you’d rather be reading luxury hotel reviews. But just because you have “insufficient funds” in your bank account does not mean you have to limit the fun times you have this summer. You just have to get a bit more creative!

There are plenty of thrilling things you can do without having to open your wallet and pull out the credit card. So, without further ado, Here are some of the fun things people are doing this summer without breaking the bank:

Your Summer of Almost Free Fun

child with bubbles, your almost free summer of funTry a New Outdoor Game

Volleyball, badminton, lawn darts. Hit up your local Dollar Store from some water balloons and bubbles for the kids! The options are endless when it comes to outdoor activities that can be enjoyed during your summer of almost free fun. The equipment costs for most of these are pretty low and since they can be used over and over again are a pretty good investment towards future fun. If you happen to have a trampoline handy then perhaps Spikeball is more your speed.

“Nothing is more fun, exhilarating and laughter-filled than a game of Spikeball. We’re sooo into it. And Cornhole to be fair, but Spikeball is the one. So find a few friends that will chip in with you, head to your local park and get playing.”

Check out the Local Amenities

Most cities and towns have quite a few community amenities. Everything from parks to local museums. A lot of them even have summer programs for kids which can be great if your a stay at home mom missing the ‘me time’ you used to have while they were in school! While a few of your local attractions might have entrance or card fee’s they are probably a lot cheaper than the closest theme park and you never know what you might find!

“Libraries are a treasure chest of cheap – if not free – fun times. But people don’t know this because no one goes to the library anymore. Do it. Go and explore the books and movies and music and see what exhibits and concerts are going down in your area.”

Get Active

Running with Dogs Header A Golden Retriever and a pair of running shoes

Explore nature or just wander your neighborhood streets. Enjoy the flowers, wildlife, and sights to be seen close to home.  Make a pledge to walk or run with your dog. Take the kids on a Hike through a State Park. The options are endless when it comes to getting active and even better? It will have a positive effect on your overall health too!

“Bikes are the adventure that everyone likes once they start pedaling. You don’t even need a good bike to do it. All you need is some second-hand thing with straight wheels, a backpack filled with some snacks, drinks and a blanket. Voila! you can take to the trails you never knew you loved so much.”

Do Big things as a Group

So maybe you still want to hit up the theme park or check out that spa everyone has been talking about. Rather than pay full price keep an eye out for deals on places like Groupon.  Taking a group discount, pitching in on gas and food together or just using a coupon can put a big dent in the bill for some summer fun.

“A summer without Groupon deals is not worth thinking about. Period. It’s what my friends and I do. We take it in turns to find a great deal, ping the link to it on a WhatsApp group, get everyone to chip in and have some super-fun times. We’ve done paintballing that only cost $40 for six people and then we bought our own paintballs from Target. Cheap and hilarious.”

relax in a hammock, summer of almost free fun

Take the Time to Relax

A lot of us think summer needs to be a time of grand adventure. But, it can be nice to just unwind and relax too. Summer doesn’t have to be a time of constant action, spending a bit of it just lazing around can do wonders when it comes to rejuvenating your soul.  Take the time to do something that makes you happy. Maybe you have a puzzle you have been meaning to get to or a craft project that’s been gathering dust. Perhaps you have always wanted to start a journal. Summer is a great time to relax and unwind.

“Chances are, there is a park near you. One with trees. So go and buy a $10 hammock from Walmart, hang it between the trees, pick up that book you almost started last summer and enjoy the sort of relaxation you’ve always thought you could never have.”

summer of almost free fun bring your own food

BYOF – Bring your own food!

A big part of the summer fun bill can come from food. Sure we all want to try out the latest dessert offerings from that fancy restaurant and of course, it’s easier to pick up some fast food along the way. But, It’s expensive! The bill for a day trip can easily double or triple once you factor in buying food. It doesn’t have to be that way though! Not if you bring your own snacks!

Investing in a good cooler, some reusable plastic containers and using some coupons can make your day trip into a budget-friendly adventure. Shop the deals at your local grocery or pick up the car snacks from the local dollar store. It will be much cheaper than the convenience store your buying gas from or the fast food restaurant you are passing when people start to get hungry.

Our family routinely brings our own food with us, especially to the beach, not only because it’s healthier but because it’s cheaper. Pack some fresh berries and cheese. Bring along some pre-cooked chicken and a salad. Get creative and have an exciting meal from home.

“Picnic after picnic after picnic. We could picnic all summer long. With our girlfriends, with our family and kids, with anyone. It’s yummy finger foods, cheap wine, sunny days and great chitter-chatter. It’s memory making at grocery store prices.”

How Does Your Family have Summer Fun on a Budget?

Have an almost free summer of fun with these great ideas! #summer #family #activities #fun #funonabudget < />
Have an almost free summer of fun with these great ideas! #summer #family #activities #fun #funonabudget < />


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