Tigeropolis, Wildlife Conservation for Kids

Tigeropolis a great wildlife conservation book for kids

I have always been an avid reader. For as long as I can remember my favorite way to relax has been reading a good book. There is something soothing about leaving the real world behind and immersing yourself in a well written story. Of course I wanted to share this love with my children as they grew! Although getting them interested in reading was a challenge in the beginning I am happy to say that my oldest is now an huge bookworm and my youngest? Well, she’s getting there! Getting my kids to enjoy reading is due in large part to books like Tigeropolis: Caught In The Trap!

Tigeropolis, Wildlife Conservation for Kids

Tigeropolis a book by R.D Dikstra

Getting Kids to Read – The Books and Reasons Matter!

Getting your kids to enjoy reading means finding a ‘why’ that matter’s to them. You can talk about how important reading is until your blue in the face. The teachers at school can push books down thier throats until the cows come home. None of this will engender a true love of reading. Unless the books they are reading or the reason they are learning has significant meaning to them personally!

My oldest daughter learned to read because she wanted to play a video game. Strange right? Nowadays many parents claim video games hinder reading. But it worked for us. Later, we found a book series that spoke to her personal interests and desires. Once she learned to love reading she branched out. Now I’m proud to say she devours books almost faster then I can buy them!

Both of my children have shown a wonderful interest in our natural world. As a family, we enjoy outdoor activities. A book like Tigeropolis which weaves an important conservation message into the fabric of its story seemed like the perfect addition to our household library.

Kids reading a book - Tigeropolis

About Tigeropolis

Tigeropolis is the story of a rather unique family of tigers who live in a vast tiger reserve. While the story is somewhat fantastical (these tigers live in a cave with Tv and Internet) at its core, it’s about saving the wildlife refuge and the importance of animal conservation. Wrapping important messages in a story that appeals to the whimsy and imagination of kids has a huge impact on their interest levels.

While my kids are still reading this book (and have already requested the rest of the series) they have already spent some time looking up and learning more about tigers and their endangered status. This naturally sparked an interest in other endangered species and more opportunities to learn and grow into environmentally conscious people.

Tigeropolis was written by author R.D Dikstra. A conservation expert with decades of experience. His interest in animal conservation has taken him all over the world and this series was inspired by his first ever sighting of a tiger in the wild! You can find out more about him and this series Here.

A book by R.D Dikstra, Tigeropolis, Caught in a Trap

Tigeropolis, a story that teaches wildlife conservation for kids #kids #family #reading #kidsbooks #books < />
Tigeropolis, a story that teaches wildlife conservation for kids #kids #family #reading #kidsbooks #books < />


  1. I love books that create a desire to learn. Even if the story is a bit on the fantastical side, knowing that it sparked an interest in tigers in your kids is great. I should have my son read this book as well. He loved nature and has grown to love reading as well, so it sounds like a good fit.

    1. Author

      Brooke says she definitely wants to get the rest of the series and she’s been researching endangered species since reading it so I’m calling it a for sure win that your son should read!

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