Wellbeing Tips That DON’T Involve Diet and Exercise

It can be more than a little irritating, can’t it? You want to get healthy – both physically and mentally – but you do not want to be hit by a tonne of diet and exercise tips. We all know that these two things are important in making sure your health and wellbeing are as good as they can be, but what if you know that for you, at this time, it is not the answer? Surely there are other things you can do to improve your overall wellbeing? Here, we look at some tips that do not involve telling you to get exercise and eat healthily.

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Make sure you are getting enough sleep

By taking steps to get at least eight hours of sleep every night, you can make huge improvements to both your physical and mental health. We often overlook the importance of rest and good quality sleep and try to manage whatever it is that our busy lifestyles allow us.

The effects of not getting enough sleep can sometimes take a while to kick in, but over time you can experience weight gain, lack of focus and cognitive function, increase your risk of heart disease and diabetes, loss of sex drive, reduced memory capacity, and much more.

Erase the bad habits

Most of us have a bad habit of some description or something that we know we shouldn’t do but do anyway. It might be binge-watching Netflix or playing computer games for hours on end. Others may have ones that can be more costly – drug use, drinking too much, or gambling. We know that these are not good for either our physical or emotional health, but addictions can stop us from making the right choice.

Bad habits and addictions can ruin relationships, cost us money, and destroy our mental and physical health. Some of them – a TV binge habit, for example, can be easier to sort out on your own. Others need you to get a little more help and support, such as spending time at the Marc Effron Legacy Healing Center. Taking away these bad habits and replacing them with healthier habits to deal with issues can significantly improve your mental and physical health.

Switch off

These days we are constantly connected to a screen of some description. Whether it is the television, a tablet, a cell phone, or our computer – there is always something. While you can’t always avoid them, you can cut down on your use and switch off when you have the opportunity. Plan at least one night a week where you put your phone and tablet out of reach, leave the TV off and enjoy a face to face conversation, read a book, or relax without technology.

Do things that you enjoy

Many of us just go through the motions and just do the things we have to do – get up, go to work, come home, eat, go to bed. However, sometimes it is important to take time to do something for you – whether that is a craft that you like, a long walk in your favorite place, gardening – whatever makes you happy. 

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