Why Is My Blog Not Getting Any Traffic?

Struggling to attract readers to your blog? Writing posts and getting little to no page views can be pretty disheartening – especially if you’ve put a lot of effort into your posts. Below are a few questions to ask yourself that could help you to turn things around.

gain blog traffic with these simple tips
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How regularly are you posting?

Taking a long break from publishing content can be harmful to your traffic. It can negatively affect your search engine rankings. Loyal readers may meanwhile assume that you’ve given up and may unfollow your blog.

You should make sure that you’re publishing at least one new post per week. Ideally, you should be posting more often than this. Having a routine can also be good as it can notify your readers as to when they can expect new content. Publishing more content also creates new paths into your blog – a lot of that old content will periodically attract visitors, who may decide to check out some of your other posts. In other words, it’s good to post regularly. 

How interesting/useful is your content?

It’s worth also considering the nature of your content. If you’re publishing generic posts all the time, you’re unlikely to get many readers. Mundane personal diary entries are also unlikely to get many views

Your content needs to be interesting or useful. It also needs to be original – make sure that you’re not just recycling old ideas. Some of the best posts for generating traffic include quick lists of tips, deep-dive case studies into niche subjects, entertaining and unique stories and opinion pieces on controversial issues. This is the content that people will keep coming back for.

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Where are you sharing your posts?

You can’t just expect visitors to stumble across your posts. Make sure that you’re promoting your blog content across the internet in order to reach out to potential readers.

Social media is the best place to attract readers – it’s worth setting up pages on Facebook and Twitter and sharing new posts on these pages the moment that they are published. You can also pay to turn your posts into adverts in order to reach out to more social media users. PPC ads could also be worth considering – you could hire a PPC management agency to create ad campaigns using the likes of Google Ads. 

Are you nurturing your existing readers?

On top of focusing on attracting new readers, it’s important to nurture your existing readers. Fail to attract loyal readers and you’ll find it hard to build traffic.

You should encourage readers to follow you on social media by adding social media buttons to your blog. It’s also worth enabling readers to subscribe to a mailing list so that you can update them on new content. Make sure that you’re keeping track of which content is popular. You can then create more content within a similar vein. Interacting with your readers on social media can also help you to build a sense of community that can keep readers coming back. 

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