3 Reasons To Consider An Estate Sale

A lot of people have been looking to sell their homes and consider a lifestyle change over the last couple of years. Real estate prices are at an all-time high in many locations and the availability of remote work-from-home jobs has given people the opportunity to branch out and move to locations that are more in line with what they want and less dependant on the local job market. People are downsizing, moving long distances, or just liquidating items that might be too pricy or difficult to move on their own. Moving or dealing with a lot of personal items that are no longer needed can be a challenge regardless of the situation but here are 3 reasons to consider an estate sale in your plans!

3 Reasons To Consider An Estate Sale

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Remove The Stress – Time & Planning

There are a lot of things to consider when planning a move or home sale regardless of the reason for that sale. This can be especially stressful if you have to work in a limited timeframe such as a job transfer. While there are many options for selling or donating your goods an estate sale can be a good way to move many items at one time. Having a set date to work towards can take a lot of uncertainty out of the process and reduce your stress level.

Many estate sale companies will work with you to set up your sale within your time frame and give you the fastest turnaround time that they can manage. The estate sale company will generally come and look at your property and items and then work with you to come up with the best plan of action. This can be especially helpful if you have a lot of large items that might require special handling. Items such as pianos and appliances can be difficult to move on your own so why not let some professionals help you out?

If your estate sale is the result of family loss then you might not be up to the mental and emotional task of dealing with everything your loved one left behind. While there are certainly some mementos you’ll want to keep many of the items in your loved ones’ home just won’t be used by the family. An estate sale will let you keep what you wish to take with you and let others handle the task of rehoming everything else while you are left to grieve in peace.

Professional Help – Marketing, Pricing & Organizing

Pretty much everyone has either been to or helped hold a garage or yard sale in their lives. They are a common fixture in most towns, especially during the spring cleaning season! I admit that I love a good yard sale but I also know that they can be an unorganized time-consuming mess! Hosting a yard sale takes a lot of work and preparation. You have to price items, organize items, move items from your house to your lawn or another location where the sale is going to be held, and at the end of the day, more often than not, you end up repacking a good portion of it back up! Without researching your items or knowing the types of items that sell well there is a decent chance that you wind up undercutting yourself trying to go it alone.

Shopping at a yard sale that’s not properly prepared can mean sorting through piles of unorganized items. I know I have left some pretty good deals behind either because I couldn’t find them under all the other items at the sale or I couldn’t find someone to talk to about the item in question. Sometimes just finding the right person to pay can be a challenge!

If you work with a team, such as the people at Professional Estate Sales, LLC then a great deal of this stress (and those lost sales) will be taken care of! Well regarded and viewed as one of the Best Estate Sales Companies in Atlanta, Profession Estate Sales LLC will help you price and appraise your items, help you with home staging and merchandising, manage the advertising for your sale (both online and in print) and even help with street signs and traffic on the day of the sale. They will even come out and do a free no-obligation consultation for you to see if their services meet your requirements. Sometimes it’s worth seeking a professional’s help when you have a very large job to do in a very short period of time!

Everything Goes! – All items sold at the same time at the same place

Nothing is worse than having to toss out something useful because you have nowhere else to take it! Donating items is a wonderful thing but we don’t all have trailers or a way to transport items when we are up against a deadline, nor does everyone want to spend every evening and weekend for a month attempting to sell items piecemeal through craigslist or Facebook marketplace. There is so much more to be occupied with when you are trying to move yourself and possibly your family or deal with personal hardship than trying to sell those last few antique plates that were previously collecting dust in the cabinet!

Your time is worth something and it’s completely reasonable to say that you’re just not able to dedicate the time needed to move every item on your list before you run out of time. An estate sale can help remove this worry and stress from the equation. Oftentimes, even if an item does not sell during the sale itself these companies have deals with various buyers who take the remaining items. This leaves you free and clear to not only get a fair price for your items but to start your new journey without having to account for a lot of unnecessary items.

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