4th of July Sand Art Vase, DIY Dollar Store Decorations

4th of July Sand Art

With the 4th of July coming up I knew I wanted to do a fun little craft to celebrate. We don’t go all out for household decoration for these holidays the way we do for Christmas and Halloween but it’s nice to put a few small touches here and there. Of course, me being me, I turned to the Dollar Tree for inspiration and came up with this very easy, very cheap but very pretty 4th of July Sand Art vase and centerpiece.

The Dollar Tree has been my go-to source for fun holiday decorations for a while now. With everything priced at a dollar and a great selection of goods to look over you really can’t go wrong. I was even more excited to learn that you can buy things from the Dollar Tree online! Sometimes our local store is sold out of what I need or, because it’s a smaller store, it just doesn’t have what I’m looking for.  You can even have your shipment delivered to your local store for free which is quite convenient!

This 4th of July Sand Art Vase was very easy to make and quite a bit of fun. The sand can get messy though so I suggest doing this one the front porch or with a tray underneath to catch any excess. This is a craft I think kids could take part in easily, although they might need help with the glue gun!

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4th of July Sand Art Vase & Centerpiece

4th of July Sand Art supplies


Total Cost from the Dollar Tree – $6

4th of July Sand Art Vase – Directions

4th of july sand art vase step 1

The first step in creating your 4th of July vase is to create you ribbon decoration. There are many options for this including bows or furls of ribbons. I decided to make a fan shape for mine to make it unique. If children are helping you they may need help using the glue gun for this step.

Cut a strip of ribbon that will fit around the neck of your vase and use a hot glue gun to secure it. I find it best to place the seam of the ribbon at the back of the vase so it won’t be visible in the finished creation.

4th of july sand art fan decoration

Create your fan decoration by cutting a second strip of ribbon and folding it back and forth. If you ever made paper fans as a child in school then you should be familiar with this! Use the glue gun to secure the bottom portion of your folds. Once the glue is dry you should be able to spread out the ‘fan’.

4th of July sand art vase attach the fan

Run a stripe of glue along the bottom fold of your fan and use that to attach it to your vase. Use a good bit of glue to make sure it sticks. Don’t worry! You won’t be able to see it once the sand is added.

If you want to hide the fold point on your fan glue a small colored gem to the front. I imagine you could also use a small floral or ribbon bow for this as well. As with all crafts feel free to give it your own personal touch!

4th of july sand art vase filling

Once you have finished adding your ribbon fan to your vase you can unplug the glue gun and put it away. If you have kids this is the perfect time to get them involved. It’s time to add the sand! Layer your sand in alternating colors. You can create interesting effects by leaving ridges and bumps or using a cuticle pusher to push one color into another.

Sand Art is a lot of fun and there is really no limit to the patterns you can create. I found it best to create my design as I went layer by layer. This helped keep the sand from becoming overly mixed and muddy-looking! If you want a tilted layer, you can hold your vase at an angle. If you want hills then use your stick to push the sand around until you like the way it looks.

Continue to add sand and create your designs until your vase is full. Once you like the look of your sand art carefully add your florals. Make sure you push the stems gently into the sand – you don’t want to ruin your hard design work! It’s best to keep the stems as much to the center as possible so that they don’t accidentally muddy your design at the edge.

4th of July Sand Art

And that’s it! You have completed a simple craft that looks amazing! This craft could easily be altered for almost any holiday and looks great on a coffee table or as a centerpiece for a party! If you liked this Vase, maybe you would also like some of our other Dollar Store Crafts

Have you tried Sand Art before? What did you make?

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4th of July Sand Art #art #dollarstore #dollartree #sandart #crafting < />


  1. This looks like such a fun and easy craft. Best part is you can make them in all kinds of colors for holidays or just using your favorite colors. I need to try a craft like this over the summer.

    1. Author

      For sure, it would be easy to convert for pretty much any holiday or room. You can even dye the white sand with some food coloring if you can’t find it in the colors you want. I saw a tutorial for how to dye the sand on Pinterest a while back.

  2. I absolutely love how creative you are! Your Sand Art Vase is fantastic 😍. This post brought back happy childhood memories of doing sand art on holiday. We have 99p stores in the UK which sound similar to Dollar Tree as they also do arts and craft supplies. I definitely need to pop in sometime and see what I can find. Thank you for the inspiration! 💖 xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com

    1. Author

      Thank you so much! For sure check out your dollar stores! I am often surprised by the small treasures and fun ideas they inspire and often they have new things every time I go in so there’s always something fun to check out. Especially close to the holidays!

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