5 Amazing House Painting Colors to Consider in 2022

House painting is a critical activity for anyone who wants to provide their home with a fresh coat of paint. Paint color will get the most attention when people look at your house, so it’s important that you choose colors wisely. If you feel hesitant to make the choice all by yourself, you can always consult with your local house painting contractors to seek professional advice.

In the meantime, the following five house paints are all great choices that will help you meet your color vision:

1) Gray: This paint has been popular for many years and shows no sign of losing its appeal anytime soon. Gray provides a sense of calm and gives your house an airy feel. It looks amazing when paired with white or black trim and can be accented brilliantly with deep reds, oranges, grays, blues, navy blue, or even teal. Just about any color works well when used in conjunction with gray, so it’s easy to find a combination that you love.

2) Cream: This color is another option that has been popular in residential and commercial buildings for decades, and it continues to be an excellent choice in house paint. Because the tone of cream is so warm and inviting, incorporating this shade into your house painting plan will add elegance and sophistication to your home’s exterior. If you’re planning on using the cream as part of your house painting project, consider pairing it with golden yellow or soft lavender for a look that will leave neighbors envious!

3) Blue: A rich navy blue creates a powerful presence on any house and gives the entire structure a stately appearance. Blue also works great when paired with white trim; however, it’s also an excellent choice when used with black. Navy blue is a color that will stand out, so take care to use it in small doses unless you want your house to look like the ocean!

4) Beige: This neutral tone looks natural and provides warmth without overpowering the house. It’s particularly well-suited for houses located in colder climates since beige was designed to keep homes warmer during winter months. Most people pair this color with white trim; however, it works very nicely when paired with yellow or lavender as well.

5) Green: For reasons unknown, many homeowners shy away from using green when painting their house’s exterior; however, this color is actually quite striking and can be the perfect addition to your house painting plan if you’re ready for a change. Green is another color that looks great when paired with white or black and it’s also an ideal choice when used in conjunction with golden yellow or deep red.

If you want to convey an elegant, inviting, warm, and welcoming feeling with your house painting project, choose from one of the five colors mentioned above. All of these paint shades are guaranteed to make your house stand out as unique and eye-catching!

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