Beach Themed Bathroom Mirror

When we first moved into our house the bathroom decor was a bit..bland. Everything was beige, black and white. Thankfully, even with a limited budget, it was not too hard to jazz it up a little bit. The first step was thinking of a theme for the room. With a bit of discussion, we finally settled on a beach/marine theme. We choose this for several reasons. First of all the colors, blue and shell shades can really make a room feel soothing and calm, perfect for a bathroom. Secondly, beach themes are popular when it comes to bathrooms so I knew it would be relatively easy to find accessories and materials. This DIY beach themed bathroom mirror was the first step in our bathroom makeover.

While many people go with a nautical feel in their beach themes, our family chose to stick to a more natural decor choice. We love decorating our house using nature as inspiration – just like our Tree inspired Coat Rack! Shells, water & marine wildlife would be our main picks. My children were excited by the wildlife idea and since their bathroom doubles as both the girls and the guest bathroom I was happy to incorporate something they would enjoy. Maybe if they really liked the room they would be more inclined to help keep it clean? It remains to be seen but that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

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DIY beach themed bathroom mirror supplies

DIY Beach Themed Bathroom Mirror


I chose to redo the basic wooden framed mirror that our bathroom came with. Rather than buying a new one, I decided to just update the old one.  Of course, if you have a different theme in mind you could substitute the shells with pretty much anything, flowers or small bits of driftwood would be pretty! I would check your local Dollar Tree for decorating items!

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Give the mirror a good cleaning to remove any dust from the frame and tape up the inside of the mirror with painters tape. This will mean you can paint without having to worry about getting anything on the mirror. My mirror took two coats of paint. I imagine that different frames, material and the type and quality of paint you were using would vary this greatly. Use your best judgment and apply coats until you are satisfied with the result.

Beach themed bathroom mirror
I let the paint dry completely for a day before spending some time laying out my shells. I did a dry run first without glue to make sure that I liked the look of the end result. When I finally figured out which shells and which pattern I liked I used a hot glue gun to stick them on. So far its held up really well even with my kids trying to pick at it from time to time. Overall this beach themed bathroom mirror a very cost-effective addition to the room.


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