Easter Fun with the Family

Easter fun

When it comes to Easter, our family tends to keep things simple. We don’t go all out on a big fancy dinner or spend a fortune on gifts. Easter fun for our family is more about spending time together then spending money. While I enjoy the large-scale celebrations of the other holidays sometime’s it’s nice to have a simple holiday to look forward to. A holiday that is low key and stress-free with plenty of family fun and quality time.

Easter celebrations in our family start the day before with Egg dyeing. Dyeing eggs can be messy, especially with young kids who don’t have the patience to leave the eggs alone without checking them every few seconds. Dye drips and mixed colors tend to mean our eggs aren’t perfect but they are unique. Even when we use the most basic of kits. Someday my kids might want to try some of the more fancy kits, but for now, they just want as many colors as they can get and for that, the basic kit tends to work best.

Easter Fun


The next morning there is, of course, the Easter baskets. Rather than buy the premade ones I usually just buy small odds and ends and fill up the baskets we already have. Not only does this keep our house from filling up with endless once used Easter baskets every year but it means I can use the abundance of candy coupons and sales to my advantage. It might take a bit more looking around but I can normally manage to get the kids more candy/toys/whatever you want to give them then they would get from the pre-made baskets..and its kind of fun putting them together and getting everything to fit.

After the baskets and a bit of quiet time while the kids putter about with
whatever the Easter bunny brought and mom and dad wake up with coffee it’s time for the backyard Easter egg hunt. For the last several years it’s become somewhat of a tradition to invite over some family friends and have a BBQ. The kids love the egg hunt of course – even though they tend to find the eggs within the first five minutes and the adults like the BBQ. It’s nice to spend time with friends on the holidays and so this simple BBQ and egg hunt tradition have become a cornerstone of spring around our household. It’s a tradition that was never planned but grew into itself organically and sometimes I think that is the best way for it all to happen.

 Easter Fun Update 2018

For our 2018 Easter celebration, the kids and I decided to try a new egg dyeing technique that has been very popular on Pinterest lately. For our Easter fun this year we used Whip Cream and food coloring to create our eggs! The process is actually very simple!


  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Whipped Cream
  • Food Coloring


  1. Set out some trays and fill with Whipped Cream. You might want to protect your table and floors with some plastic too. Just in case.
  2. Place a few drops of food coloring in the whipped cream. Swirl it slightly with the end of a fork. Don’t blend it too much, however, or your colors will get muddy!
  3. Take a hard-boiled egg and use a spoon to roll the egg in the whipped cream and food coloring.  If you have kids that can’t keep their hands out of the whipped cream you might want to invest in some disposable gloves. the food coloring will stain fingers but it typically wears off pretty quickly so I didn’t bother.
  4. Set your eggs on a separate tray. Put them in the fridge and allow them to dry for as long as possible. The longer you leave them the brighter the colors. We left our eggs overnight.
  5. Carefully wipe down your eggs with a paper towel or rinse them lightly under water to remove any extra whipped cream.
  6. Marvel at how pretty they are!

Easter fun

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