5 Things I’ve Learned Since becoming a Grandma

Life is full of surprises, some of them are amazing and some of them are challenging. Becoming a Grandma is firmly in my amazing category but there are definitely a few things I’ve learned in the last few months that highlight the differences between being a parent and being a grandparent. I fully expect this journey to be a roller coaster of epic proportions! Here are just a few things I’ve learned so far!

5 Things I’ve Learned Since becoming a Grandma

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Baby’s are a LOT of Work

You would think since I still have young kids of my own that I would have remembered this. Nope! It turns out that I had completely forgotten just how demanding having a baby in the house can be. It’s even more difficult when your house is no longer set up for little ones. When our kids were little we had highchairs and changing tables, and a whole room full of toys, playmats and other distractions to keep them busy.

When your Grandma, your house might not be quite as filled and keeping a little one happy might take a bit more work. Thankfully this ‘work’ usually means a lot of one on one playing so it’s less of a difficulty and more a matter of making sure you have all your responsibilities taken care of before the visit so you can use this time to it’s fullest! It’s a little bit like having a baby staycation and that’s completely fine with this Grandma anytime!

Baby smell really is a thing and you don’t forget it.

If you have spent any time holding a baby then odds are you’ve noticed that baby smell. No not the poop one – though you’ll remember that one too before long – but that sweet soft scent that brings back instant nostalgia.

You didn’t imagine that scent when you held your own kids. It’s just so fleeting that it might feel that way. Take the time to breathe it in and remember because like with your own children it won’t last long. If you live any sort of distance from your family the next time your grandchild visits you might be in the sticky hand’s stage and that’s far more messy and far less sweet smelling.

Becoming a grandma, grandson playing with pool toys

Things Change

No, I’m not talking about how fast they grow – though this is certainly true! I’m talking about the basics of baby care. I think everyone is aware of the changes made to recommended sleeping positions over the years but it turns out that things are continuing to change!

When my kids were little we were advised to avoid peanuts like the plague but recent studies show that introducing small children to peanuts can actually keep allergies from developing. Now, the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines recommends early peanut introduction in infancy. Of course, you can’t just let little babies gnaw on peanuts or suck on a spoonful of peanut butter (hello choking hazard) but these new recommendations have led to the development of safer alternatives.

Mission MightyMe is a company seeking to give parents a safe and easy way to introduce nuts and other common food allergens early on in the hopes of preventing the development of allergies. The thought of giving baby’s peanuts would have been terrifying to me because it was so ingrained as a no-no but science makes new discoveries and advancements all the time in various fields and it’s important to respect the changes younger parents with new information are making when it comes to raising healthy and happy kids.

Photo: Mission Mighty Me

People have a lot to say!

It’s no secret that people are opinionated. Maybe you dealt with mom shaming when you raised your own little and you should be prepared for more comments now. It seems like everyone and anyone will have something to say. Sometimes the advice is good, other times you might roll your eyes. If your really lucky most people will remark at how adorable your grandchild is and you can boast and preen like the proud grandparent you are. Just don’t be surprised by random comments here and there by complete strangers. Baby’s just seem to bring it out in people.

Pack Extra Everything

Going for a car ride to the convenience store down the road? Only going to be gone for 5 minutes? Bring extra clothes, diapers and baby snacks anyways! It seems grandkids love to keep us on our toes and that 5-minute car trip is the perfect time to spit up all over the place or fill the car with a ghastly scent from below.

Come to think of it you should probably go ahead and stock your car with extra baby wipes and a towel or two beforehand. You’ll probably need them at some point!

Becoming a Grandma? Above All Else Enjoy It!

Becoming a Grandma or Grandpa is a moment in life that you’re unlikely to ever forget. I well remember the time spent with my own Grandparents as a child and eagerly look forward to building the same relationship with my own Grandchild. Cherish every moment, takes lots of pictures and make some memories that will outlive you as your Grandchildren grow and someday recount them to their own children.

Becoming a grandma, baby playing with pool toys

5 Things I've learned since becoming a Grandma! #kids #family #grandparents #children #familylife #familytime < />
5 Things I've learned since becoming a Grandma! #kids #family #grandparents #children #familylife #familytime < />


  1. I have enjoued reading your blog!! I relate to the first 4 only bcz I’m yet to be a grandma….and No…I’m not even close! Lol…
    But so true that ways to raise a child have changed drammatically and folks never cease on giving unsolicited advise. Let’s see what new ways the next 5yrs give us in regards to raising kids.

    Thankyou for the Read!!

    1. Author

      I am sure there will be quite a few! Things seem to change at an incredible pace as you get older!

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