Save Money with Cards from the Dollar Tree

cards from the dollar tree

Anyone who has read this blog for any length of time knows about my undying affection for the Dollar Tree. I am sorry but a store where everything is a dollar? Yes, please. My trips to the Dollar tree have become something of a family joke. Comments like “Mom’s going to the Dollar Tree, better bring the tablet’s we’re going to be a while!” are uttered by the kids on a regular basis. But, it always astounds me just what I can find at the Dollar Tree. Last spring I got the cutest Fairy Garden figures and the spring wreath on my front door got so many compliments this summer! Imagine how excited I was to hear that I could now buy Hallmark greeting cards from the Dollar Tree?

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Save Money with Cards from the Dollar Tree

kids cards at the dollar tree


Save money while still making friends and family feel special? I am so on board! I mean let’s face it, we all love to make people smile on special occasions, or cheer them up when needed. A card can sometimes express things that we have trouble saying face to face or over the phone. But, they can also be very expensive. When you are a family on a budget sometimes a special card just doesn’t make the cut. With these beautiful new cards from the Dollar Tree, now we only have to make the hard choice of what card to pick out! Which, I admit, can be difficult!

Having looked over these cards I can say that I am quite impressed by the quality! While the Dollar Tree has always had a decent card selection these are truly a step up. The cards come in a variety of sizes and seem to cover just about any event, celebration or life occasion that you could want. Even more important to me? They are printed on cardstock that is thick enough to withstand pens, markers, and inks with ease. That’s important when you have little kids who like to add their own art to the messages inside.

The Beauty of Sending a Handwritten Card

beautiful cards at the dollar tree

In today’s increasingly technology-driven world it’s becoming increasingly rare to receive something more personalized then an email or a text. There is a bit of magic that comes from opening up your mailbox and finding something addressed to you that’s not a bill. A card is something tangible that you can hold, read, display (we love setting all our Christmas cards up on the shelf!) and save.

I have several cards in my memory box. Cards that I received when I moved away from home or that I got when my kids were born. They hold a sentimental value and some of them are from people who are no longer with us. I can save an email it’s true. But, it doesn’t replace the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I sift through that old memory box and reread those old messages.

Other uses for Cards

flatla useing cards from the dollar tree

Of course, sending sweet messages to friends and family while the most common use is not the only reason to take a look at these cards from the Dollar Tree!

  • Bullet Journal/Scrapbooking/Planner Fodder – Stickers are great but sometimes it can be hard to find a sticker with the type of saying you want or a picture that matches your theme. You know what makes a great source of sayings/quotes and quality pictures? Cards. Not only are the sayings often positive and uplifting but they are often printed in pretty fonts.
  • Creating Gift Box Tags – There is a new trend floating around for making gift tags. You cut cards into the shape of a gift tag and punch a hole for the ribbon. Mostly this is done to reuse old greeting cards but if you can’t find a gift tag in our desired pattern or color I’m betting good odds that you will find a card that could work.
  • Arts & Crafts for Kids – In my simple cure for summer break boredom post, cards happened to be some of the supplies available. My youngest especially love to cut out pictures of tiny animals or characters and use them in her artwork.
  • Photo Props – If you blog or spend time on Instagram then you have no doubt seen flatlays with inspirational prints. I love those prints, but they can be expensive to order – so I found a budget-friendly solution. Cards. If they are pretty enough to send to your friends and family then they are pretty enough to be included in your photos! Some are shiny. Some have glitter and some are funny. There are some really nice motivational cards too. There’s enough of a selection that you will exactly what you need.

Alright, I’m sold, When can I get these Cards from the Dollar Tree?

cards at the dollar tree

Would you be extremely happy if I told you right now? With over 6,500 Dollar Tree stores nationwide and a great online presence, they should be easy to find! Starting today (August 30th, 2018) every store will start carrying Expressions from Hallmark for $1 per card and Heartline a Hallmark Company cards for 2 for $1. With hundreds of new greeting cards to choose from, you can celebrate every moment with your friends and family without breaking the bank or your budget! For more information on these great new additions to the Dollar Tree, you can always visit the Dollar Tree Website!

When was the last time you sent someone a card?

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Cards From the Dollar tree. Get great quality without breaking the bank! #dollartree #dollarstore #dollarstorefinds #art #crafts #cards #holiday< />


  1. Oh man I love the Dollar Tree as well. I just wish I had one closer to me, since it’s four hours away.It’s great that they have Hallmark cards now, as that is such a great deal compared to buying them elsewhere.

    1. Author

      I know right? I never liked paying 4 or 5 dollars for a card. I loved giving them but man they were pricy. Now I can get them without worrying over the budget or having to get a cheaper gift to compensate!

  2. These are such fair prices, I wish we had a dollar tree here, although I guess it wouldn’t be called that if we did, haha! I especially love the Disney one and love your idea of using them in bullet journals or for scrapbooking!

    Soph – x

    1. Author

      I have heard there are similar stores to Dollar tree in other parts of the world so I really hope you find one! I don’t know if I could make it without my Dollar Stores haha!

  3. Using cards for blogging flatlays is the best idea everrr! I’m loving the inspirational quote and the Disney card. It’s perfect for adding a splash of colour to photos. I love all the creative ideas for cards too, I never thought about using them for gift tags, that’s really inventive! I’m definitely going to have a look in my local Pound Land and hope they have similar goodies to the Dollar Tree! Thanks for sharing! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Author

      I think I am going to try making some gift tags with cards this Christmas. I always wanted to make those super pretty gifts with the neat wrapping, ribbons, and tags instead of my bunched up messes. I’ll have to post back with how that all goes! Glad you found some inspiration in the post!

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