Spring Wreath – A DIY Dollar Store Project

DIY dollar store spring wreath

I have always loved the wreaths I find in stores. The thought of having such a fun and seasonal decoration to greet visitors when they come to my house was endearing. Unfortunately, the price of these wreaths was not nearly so appealing. So, with some inspiration from a fellow blogger and a bit of research on Pinterest I set about to create a Dollar Store spring wreath as this months craft project.

I think I am in love with this project. Not only because it makes my door so fun and colorful but because of the endless options there are in making it. Because of the variety available at my local dollar tree, I can make a wreath for every season and in every color imaginable. The only problem might come from finding a place to store them all! But that could probably be simplified too since I used floral wire to attach everything to the frame it’s possible to take everything off and rebuild the wreath without much trouble.

Creating this spring wreath was very simple once I figured out the burlap part of it. It’s a project that could be created quickly by pretty much anyone. Kids might even have fun giving it a go, though I would likely substitute pipe cleaners for the floral wire for them.

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DIY Dollar Store Spring Wreath

DIy Spring wreath supplies


Total cost at DollarTree – $12

$1 Craft Supplies at Dollar Tree!


Attaching the Burlap

Making a Spring wreath is pretty simple. The most confusing part of the entire process is getting the burlap on. I actually used a tutorial pointed out to me by another blogger (How to make Burlap Wreaths by Jessica at PersonalGrowthSucsessBlog.com). The youtube video in her article was especially helpful. I tried to get the basics across in pictures for you though just in case the video stops working

Step 1

Attach the end of your burlap roll to the inner ring of your wreath frame. I used floral wire, which is sturdy and will hold up very well to the weather but in retrospect, I probably could have used pipe cleaners. It might have been easier to work with so feel free to substitute if you’d like.

spring wreath - attaching the burlap step 2

Step 2

Pull loops of the burlap through the wire frame. the bigger the loops the puffier your wreath will be, just keep in mind how much burlap you bought. You don’t want to run out halfway through! I found that one roll of the dollar store burlap was enough to fill in one section of the 14″ wreath frame.

Step 3

This is the slightly confusing step. Hold the tops of all three lops in your fingers so they don’t slip out and turn the wreath over.  Give the end of your burlap a twist or two to help hold it in place and then start back at the top pushing a loop through each gap just like you did in step 2. Repeat the twist and loops until you reach the end of your burlap roll. Attach the end with floral wire or pipe cleaners.


Step 4

Repeat Step 3 until you have filled in all your burlap. I alternated between the tan and the blue but there were plenty of colors to choose from! The amount of burlap you choose to buy will depend on how much of the wreath you want to cover. I knew I was going to fill in part of my wreath with florals so I only bought 4. As stated above, for a 14″ wreath frame I found one roll per section seemed to work very well.

DIY Spring wreath

Step 5

Fluff up your burlap so that it hides any of the frame or floral wire that might be showing through. The Burlap is pretty easy to manipulate. You can push it around puff it up without much trouble.

DIY Spring wreath Step 6

Step 6

Using the floral wire start attaching your flowers. I found it useful to lay them out along the wreath first to get an idea of how I wanted them positioned. Once you know where you want the flowers to go its very simple to bend the stems so that they lay on the backside of your wreath frame. It only takes a small amount of floral wire to attach the flower stems.  The floral wire I bought is fairly thick and hard to cut so make sure you have a good pair of scissors handy.

DIY dollar store spring wreath

Step 7

Once you have your florals attached it’s time to attach your chosen spring decoration. This step is optional, its perfectly fine if you want to leave our wreath as is! I just really liked the colors of the little welcome signs. To attach the sign I simply pulled the burlap out of the way and used a bit of floral wire. Afterward, I adjusted the burlap loops so that they hid my wire. Depending on the shape of your decoration you might have to play with it a little bit but the burlap is great at hiding the attachments.  Hang on your front door and admire every time you come home!

Spring Wreath pin 2< />
Spring wreath pin 1< />



    1. Author

      To be honest I enjoy crafts but I don’t consider myself overly crafty and this was really easy to do! I bet you could do it!

    1. Author

      Thank You! I love bright colors, especially in the spring!

  1. This looks great! I’ve always wanted to make my own wreath so I may have to have a look when shopping tomorrow!

    1. Author

      Awesome! Share a pic if you make one! I love seeing everyone’s creations.

  2. This wreath is so pretty! Imagine all the different Springy colours you could use. I wish I was more crafty!

    1. Author

      Your a beauty blogger silly! Make-up is basically art on your face. You’re awesomely creative! Just think of your wreath like an Eyeshadow Palette and plan it like that!

  3. This wreath is so pretty! I didn’t even expect to read that the supplies came from the Dollar Tree – definitely going to have to try this out someday 🙂

    cabin twenty-four

    1. Author

      Thank you! Blues and purples are my favorite colors so I couldn’t pass them up =-) I will check out your posts ASAP!

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