Dollar Store Valentine’s Day Deco – Tealights & Roses

There is no rule saying you have to break the bank to decorate for Valentine’s day. A quick trip to the dollar store and a bit of creative thinking will give you everything you need. In our house, we don’t go all out for Valentine’s day but its still nice to have something cute for the table on that special night.

These candle holders are the perfect finishing touch to a coffee table, end table or dinner table. Even better, they only cost me $6 from the Dollar Tree and can be put together using only the most basic of crafting tools. The glue gun! Take a trip to the Dollar Tree to pick up these supplies or simply use them for inspiration and create your own.


  • 2x Candle Holders
  • 1 set fake tea light candles
  • Fake Roses
  • Fake little white flowers
  • 1 bag Sparkly Hearts on sticks



  • Glue Gun
  • Glue Sticks
  • Sharp Scissors


Creating these candle holders was a very simple process. No creative or artistic ability needed at all! Using some sharp scissors choose the best two blooms from your fake roses and cut the stems so that they sit nicely in the candle holder ‘cages’. Once you have them sitting nicely use a bit of glue to affix the roses to the bottom of the candle holders.

To add a bit of contrast I picked some small white flowers and arranged them behind the roses and around the wire cage. Feel free to use whatever color of flowers you like.

My Dollar Tree had lots of choices including fern leaves and grass fake foliage that would have looked equally as nice. Some fake sticks (or even real ones from your backyard) could also look nice. Whatever you pick arrange them to your liking and then stick them to the holders with more glue. Simple right?

To hide some of the glue spots on the bottom and because everyone likes sparkly hearts on Valentine’s day I used some foam hearts on sticks. Simply use your scissors to carefully remove the sticks from the foam hearts and glue them down. Add your lights and you’re finished!

Cheap, Quick, Easy & Beautiful for your table. Go forth and don’t let a small budget keep you from making your home beautiful for the holidays.

If You don’t have a Dollar Tree nearby don’t let that stop you! You can order from them online and have all your crafting supplies delivered directly to your door. You really can’t go wrong with that.

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