Emergency Preparation for Families

emergency preparation for famlies


Being prepared for an emergency isn’t just for preppers in today’s world. Everything in our lives is so convenient that it is easy to forget how quickly one small thing could make it all very troublesome. My family and I were recently reminded of this when the local water tank exploded due to a faulty pressure valve. The entire neighborhood was without water from 8 pm one night until nearly 10 pm the next night. A day without water might not register as a full-blown emergency but it certainly made our lives somewhat difficult, I was melting ice cubes from the freezer to water the baby chicks and the dog

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Emergency Preparation for Families

A day without water might not register as a full-blown emergency but it certainly made our lives somewhat difficult, I was melting ice cubes from the freezer to water the baby chicks and the dog until my husband could get to the store to buy gallons of water. We couldn’t shower or wash the dishes..we could barely wash our hands and the toilets were going to be a huge problem really quickly if the water didn’t come back.

To say that we were unprepared was an understatement and to make it worse we knew better. We, as a family, are well aware of the need to be prepared… we just hadn’t bothered to actually do it. It wasn’t just us either, all of our neighbors were in the same boat. Maybe it’s just human nature to know we ought to do something but continue to put it off until life throws a lesson at us to remind us of the necessity.

Being prepared for an emergency is a lesson that we have learned (again) and this time I am determined to make it right. Being prepared for a minor emergency is not a difficult task and something that every family should do. Since our house is short on storage space we have decided to try and prepare for about a week, odds are that we won’t ever need that much but it’s better to have a little bit too much than not enough in these types of situations.


Water is one of the most important things a family should store. Thankfully it is also one of the easiest (as long as you have the space for it). Water can be stored in any food grade plastic or glass jug or container so feel free to save all those two-liter pop bottles or one-gallon milk jugs for this or check out these nifty storage containers on amazon for something that is a bit easier to store.

It is important to make sure that whatever containers you choose are carefully cleaned and stored in a cool dry place. If you use plastic containers they should be stored away from direct sunlight. Families should store at least one gallon per family member per day. If you are saving tap water it is important to empty and refill your water containers at least once every six months. Pre-bottled water from a store should be replaced once a year.


Asides from water having food that can be stored and prepared without electricity are very important. If you are an industrious family this can take the form of self-canned goods. If your looking for a cheap fix the things like granola bars and jerky work in a pinch The best I have found are emergency supply rations, . They come in a kit which makes guessing how much to buy super easy. They also provide a bit of variety which will make it easier for the kids. Some of them even have desserts!

Personal Safety

With food and water took care of, it is also important to consider personal safety, a well-stocked First aid Kit is a cheap but essential part of emergency preparation. With kids in the house, families should always be prepared for unexpected accidents. It’s important to be able to handle things in case emergency personnel can’t get to you. Most Emergency first aid kits have thermal blankets in them. These can be useful if the power goes out in cold weather. I have actually decided to buy two kits, one for the house and one for the car, they even make a kit specifically designed to keep in your car.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to being prepared for an emergency. Someday I would like to go a bit further with my families preparations. But, these are the basics that I feel every family should have on hand. These supplies are not overly expensive. They can be saved for or bought over time without a lot of hardship.

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