FabFitFun Summer Box Review

FabFitFun summer box review

I enjoyed my Spring FabFitFun Box so much that I couldn’t wait for this one to arrive! This year I am making a real effort to be a bit kinder to myself. This includes doing things like Yoga (I use the FabFitFun TV included with my box subscription for instructional videos I can follow along with at home), eating healthier and spoiling myself once in a while. This FabFitFun summer box review is the second box that I have received and reviewed here on the blog.  I picked FabFitFun because I like that I receive full-sized products from a wide variety of categories.

If you are on the fence about trying out this subscription box then you can find out more about why I picked them in my previous post – Why I’m giving FabFitFun a try and you should too! If you are curious about the type of items you will receive then feel free to look over my FabFitFun SPring box Review as well.

FabFitFun boxes tend to sell out quickly so I suggest that you hurry and sign up if you want a chance at the Fall box! New members will currently receive the Summer Editors Box which looks quite fabulous!

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FabFitFun Summer Box Review

My FabFitFun summer box arrived in beautiful packaging! Much like my previous box, the box itself is so pretty that I almost want to keep them all. It had a beautiful light and summer vibe that I adored and which hinted at the products within!

fabfitfun summer box review banner

Summer & Rose Beach Towel

This beach towel was one of the options I got to pick when ordering my box (every season there are a few items you get to pick and customize!). For the summer box, I got to pick between a make-up case in two different colors and this giant microfiber towel with two designs to choose from.

Since our family loves going to the beach and I currently lacked a decent beach towel then this was an easy choice. Picking the pattern was slightly more difficult but in the end, the rainbow-colored palm leaves won out over the pineapples.

I have already put this towel to the test! we took it on our first beach trip of the year and it performed beautifully. It’s soft, large and true to its word a quick shake gets rid of all the sand your kids will drag all over it. This towel has convinced me that investing in high-quality beach towels is well worthwhile.

COOLA Face Sport SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer

Everyone knows that a good sunscreen is essential for the summer time! with a rating of 50 SPF this one will do the job for sure. Even better it’s water resistant for up to 8 minutes and made with 70% organic ingredients.

I put this on under my makeup when we went out last weekend and was really happy with the results. The formula doesn’t leave a greasy residue and has a pretty mild scent. It certainly helped keep my skin from drying out in the sun and salt water and stood up well to several hours in the water. I only reapplied it once – which is less than the recommended time wise –  but even so came home without any sunburn on my face. Since it stood up so well to the salt water I am betting this will be excellent to wear while running and hiking too!


So it’s a terrible thing but I am severely lacking when it comes to my skincare routine. My idea of skincare it to slather on a moisturizer when I remember and make sure I wipe off my makeup. Sad right? Frankly, I have no idea what my ‘skin type’ would be considered and what I would need for a proper skincare routine – but I have been thinking I need to look into this.

Imagine my delight when this months box came with the perfect tool to help me develop this. The Foreo Luna fofo is a blue tooth powered device which maps your skin type and guides you through a personalized cleansing routine via an app that you can download to your phone.

Sensors on the fofo measure your skin’s moisture across each zone of your face and the app then develops a personalized timed cleaning routine for you to follow with the fofo. The fofo uses 8000 T-sonic pulsations per minute for deep and effective cleansing.

FabFitFun Summer box Review pier 1 and fofo

I decided to try this out right away. I was slightly wary because other devices I have tried were always a bit harsh feeling but the fofo is very gentle. Since it’s made from silicone it’s easy to clean and soft feeling on my skin which I love. I have always been a bit of a tech nerd as well so the fact that it’s Bluetooth and use’s an app was also appealing!

Pier 1 imports Marble Ring Dish

This ring dish was an interesting surprise. I love the neutral colors and the fact that it will fit in with the decor od pretty much any room of the house. It will probably make a few appearances as an Instagram prop too because – I’m a blogger, and I need those!

When its not being used as a photo prop then this will make a nice addition to the master bath. I’ve been wanting to redo that room for a while and I think this will add a nice touch. The gold trim is pretty and classy and really you can’t go wrong with the look of marble.

ELEMIS Papaya Enzyme Peel

Again, with my general lack of a skincare routine, I was pretty happy to receive this item in my box. I had never used one of these before so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect so I only used a small amount of the product to test it out. I can definitely say that my skin was a great deal softer afterward.

This product goes on like a heavy cream and has a nice almost citrus-like scent.  It rinsed off easily with warm water and since I liked how soft my skin felt after using it I can see it becoming a regular product in my bathroom!

FabFitFun Summer box Review Tarte # Elemis peel

Tarte Tartiest PRO glow highlight & Contour Palette

Okay, so is it weird that the first thing I want to say about this product is the smell? When I opened up the palette I was surprised, I have never had a make-up kit smell so lovely. It smells faintly like chocolate and I love it.

I was kind of concerned when I saw how dark the contouring color was since my skin is pretty pale. However, I gave it a try anyway and it turned out I didn’t need to worry at all! The contouring and sculpting shades are a lovely cream formula that blend out beautifully. The highlighters come in several shades of powder and are all beautifully shimmery and pigmented. I will say that a little bit goes a long way with the highlighters but don’t really see that as a fault at all!

I imagine that I will be able to create some very pretty summery looks with this kit and it will likely become a quick favorite.

ERTH TU Y YO RingFabFitFun Summer Box Review wallet & Ring

This was the second item that I got to customize for my box. I had a choice between this ring, body caviar, and muscle gel. Although I was tempted by the muscle gel because I thought it might be useful after long runs …. but in the end, the shiny jewelry won out.

I am actually lacking on jewelry so it wasn’t a bad choice and I love the classic look of pearls. The ring fits very well and looks quite pretty on my hand. The ring is made of14k gold and naturally cultured freshwater pearls. It’s both modern and classy looking and I think it will be excellent for nights out with the husband or social events.

Minor History Post Script Wallet

I love the colors of this little wallet and I can see how it might be useful for quick trips or events where you don’t want to carry around a larger purse. I am not sure how much use it will get in this household – I tend to carry a lot of items but it’s pretty and soft so I am sure I will find a use for it!

FabFitFun Summer Box Review – Conclusion

Overall I am really happy with this box! I think the towel, ring and contouring palette are my favorites although skincare care products are coming in a close second. With the exception of the wallet think I will end up using all of the products pretty regularly and hopefully, the fofo will help me up my skincare game.

The wallet is for sure my least favorite item – although I love the color I doubt how practical it will be given what I normally carry with me. Then again my oldest daughter is about the age where she might like to carry around her own money and key, with the wrist strap this might be perfect for her!

Whats your favorite Subscription Box?

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    1. Author

      It really is an treating myself was something I neglected for a really long time!

  1. I want to try this box so bad. For some reason I can never get myself to do it, but this one has better products than some of the past ones IMO!

    1. Author

      I was like that for a really long time! I kept looking at the ads and the reviews but couldn’t get myself to actually order it until my husband said look if you break it down the cost per month I spend more then that on my coffee during the week! Just go ahead and get it! So I did and haven’t looked back!

  2. I got the summer box too and I loved it!! I got a few different products to you – it’s so clever how they match the products to you depending on your preferences. I also love the ability to customize the boxes! 🙂

    1. Author

      I know! I love customizing what they let me and being surprised by everything else! so far their choices haven’t let me down!

  3. I’ve heard so much about this box! You got some really great products! That elemis peel sounds so good! xx

    1. Author

      It is! I have used it a couple of time now and it always makes my skin so soft!

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