Got Some Time Off This Summer? Take Your Relaxation to Another Level

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Vacation. Holiday. Personal time off. Whatever you call it, you need it. You work hard, and you deserve your time off. But the sad truth is that most people all but squander their time by watching TV, playing video games, or even doing DIY. This is a terrible misuse of your well-earned time away from work.

While you have some time off, you should use it for what it is meant to be – rest and relaxation. This ensures that you can go back to work well-rested and ready to impress even more. But what wholesome activities can you do? First, relaxation needs to be a key component to any time off, even if it’s only a day. Next to that – the world is your oyster.

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Massage and Sauna

There’s nothing quite like being rubbed all over by a trained professional or simply hanging out half-naked with strangers in a steam-filled room. Yes, massage and sauna. Massage is a time-honored activity that aims to banish stress by relieving various muscle groups in your body. There are many types of massage, all developed for multiple areas. 

From head to toe, you can get a traditional Swedish rub-down, a hot stone massage, or the dreaded Turkish massage that isn’t too far from a physical assault. However, it’s the extremities that benefit the most from massage techniques. From a shockingly relaxing hand massage to a therapeutic foot massage, all are amazing at helping you let go and feel refreshed. And these absolutely need to be followed up with a relaxing sauna session. Just be sure not to sit on anyone’s lap – Chandler style.

Do Nothing at All

For many people, happiness is simply doing nothing. And they don’t mean sitting around and watching TV. They mean nothing literally. It is surprising how good doing nothing can make you feel. Still, the trick is planning it properly to schedule around any likely interruption or reasonable responsibilities with the kids.  You simply get up, prepare yourself for the day by showering and eating – and then you sit around and do nothing. Well, maybe some music.

However, you might be surprised at how difficult doing nothing is. It can become tedious, especially if you have an active mind. In that case, you may find solace in secluded activity. For most guys, this is something like fishing at your favorite spot for a few hours. Women might like to get a start on a knitting project. Or the other way around.

Catch Some Rays

Of course, with the summer in full swing, you might want to make the most of it while it lasts. For many, this means cultivating a tan while the sun is intense. And this usually means lying on a towel or lounger, essentially cooking for a couple of hours. But while this is a natural tanning method, you can also catch some rays while you are moving.

Getting out into nature is a wholesome use of extra time. It can also help with mental and physical issues. Walking a nature trail, for example, will decrease stress and anxiety while at the same time increasing your sense of wellbeing. A welcome activity since you may have been stuck inside for the past 18 months and your vitamin D levels may have plummeted.

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