Guide to Swagbucks – Part 1, Getting Started

Swagbucks is my favorite Stay-at-home money-making site. I find this site to be the easiest to earn points on since there are multiple ways to do so and the site itself is filled with built-in bonus points. There are many ways to earn Swagbucks. In this Guide to Swagbucks, I’m going to focus on sharing how I use the site, the routines, and the tricks that I have found helpful. If you have not yet signed up for Swagbucks I encourage you to go ahead and do that before reading any further.


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Guide to Swagbucks Part One – Getting Started

After signing up on Swagbucks you might feel overwhelmed by the many offers that you find on the front page and side menus. Do not be alarmed, it’s really not so bad once you learn how to get around! Don’t worry about any of the offers at the moment, just follow along on this guide to Swagbucks and we’ll get to them eventually.

Daily Goal

The first thing to look for is called your Daily Goal. This will be listed on the top right of your screen. For the first month or so, this Daily Goal will be low (likely 30-40SB). As you learn to use the site and consistently meet this goal it will go up and then hover around 100SB. Placing your mouse over the daily goal button will show you a small screen.

Goals & Bonuses

Inside this screen, there is a little meter Which says First Goal & Bonus. As you earn SB this meter will fill up. Filling the meter to the first line will produce a checkmark and show you have earned the first bonus. Filling it all the way to the end will earn you a larger bonus.

You only get one of the two bonuses but you only have to earn one to get your winning streak tally. The second bonus will continue to rise if you consistently meet it but the first one should stay close to 100.

Bonus Swagbucks do not show up in your account right away, think of them like a Swagbucks savings account. Every day you earn the bonus will stockpile the points until the beginning of the next month when you can claim them.

Winning Streaks

‘Show my winning streaks’ is listed at the bottom of the Daily Goal screen. The winning streaks are why daily goals are so important. If you click on ‘Show my Winning Streaks” you will see four monthly goals. In order to earn these, you must meet your first goal every day, without skipping a day, for the length of time specified.

Bonus Swagbucks earned through these ‘streaks’ are added to your stockpile and can be claimed at the beginning of next month. This is also where you will come to claim your bonus points. Bonus points are available to be claimed every month between the 3rd and the 5th. If you miss out on earning a streak you must remember to come here and claim any daily bonus points you did earn.

If you do not claim your bonus points before the middle of the month then they will expire and vanish.

Swag Codes

To the left of your Daily goal, you will see something called ‘Swag Code’. Hovering over this will produce an input field. This is where you will enter the codes Swagbucks releases on their social media sites for free Swagbucks.

Catching these codes can be difficult. But!  There is an easy way to make sure you don’t miss any when you are online. Installing the Swagbutton, a browser add-on will alert you whenever a code is posted. To find the Swagbutton look at the left-hand sidebar and scroll
all the way to the bottom. You will find it listed under ‘Quick Links’.

Follow the instructions based on your browser and you should be good to go. If you have a smartphone now is also the time to download the Swagbucks App. The App is available from both Google and Apple. It will be an additional tool that you use once it is time to start earning Swagbucks.

Congratulations! If you have followed this guide to Swagbucks you should be set up and ready to go on Swagbucks! To continue please go to – Guide the Swagbucks Part 2 – Earning Swagbucks

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