Guide to Swagbucks – Part 2, Earning Swagbucks

If you are just joining us you might want to check out Part One of this guide before going any further! If you have already signed up for Swagbucks, familiarized yourself with the site, and downloaded the App as recommended in Part One then you are good to go. Let’s get started with the Guide to Swagbucks Part 2 – Earning Swagbucks!

Swagbucks Watch – Mobile App

The first thing I do is open the Swagbucks App & sign in. When you have your account open look for the menu on the left-hand side of the top bar. Open it and click on ‘watch’. From here you can choose a category, I typically go to ‘home and garden’ as many of those videos are short. Once you’ve chosen a category click on one video and let it start playing. Swagbucks really only cares if you watch the ad that plays before each video. If you set your phone beside you, you can let the ad play and then fast forward through the rest.

When the video is finished you will get a message saying you that you have watched a video and have seven more to watch before earning credit. The next video in the list should start playing automatically. Continue to fast forward through the videos and closeout ads as needed until you get the Swagbucks reward.

For every eight videos, you watch you will get two Swagbucks until you reach the daily limit of ten. It might not seem like a lot but it doesn’t take very long and it’s a simple task to do while you’re working on the site. If you can’t fast forward through the videos you can still let them run. It will take longer and some ads require you to close them so you will have to check once in a while to make sure things are still advancing.

To-Do List

Now that you have the app working for you, its time to log onto Swagbucks and get started on the To-Do List. You will find the To-Do List on the left-hand side of the page. There is a list of eight items. If you complete seven out of eight items on this list you will get a small SB bonus. If you complete all eight you get a second bonus.

Unlike the Daily goal bonus, these are credited to your account right away. The exact amount of the bonus varies throughout the month. One day you might get a couple of Swagbucks and the next you might get ten. Although this is only a small amount they add up.

Daily Poll

Go ahead and click on Daily Poll, it is only worth one SB, but it is only one question and takes one second..and now you have one checkmark on your list and Swagbuck in your account!

Daily Crave

Once you’ve completed the poll head on back to you’re to-do list and click on ‘Daily Crave’ this will take you to an NCrave screen.

The idea here is to watch a few videos until the timer runs down.  Give the videos a thumbs up or thumbs down rating to advance to the next video. The daily crave is normally a shortlist and should only take about a minute to a minute and a half to finish. By doing this you will be earning Swagbucks and working on you’re to-do list.

NCrave will prompt you to ‘keep craving’ at the end of your video list and you are more then welcome to do so if you enjoy this activity. NCrave will just keep running you through their content and you will continue to earn Swagbucks as you go. The longer the video list the more Swagbucks you earn on completion. While some people swear by NCraves I find this activity tedious so I typically close out after doing my daily and move on.

Daily Search

The next item on your list is the ‘Daily Search’. This is another quick item to check off.  Clicking the link will take you to a random search result and earn you one Swagbuck. If you are lucky you might earn a bonus. If the search bonus shows up it will prompt you to enter a small captcha and the points will be added to your account. You can continue searching random things until a bonus shows up or close the window and return to you’re to-do list.

I have bad luck with searches. Some people say they have increased their luck by clearing their browser cookies before trying. You can win multiple search bonus’ every day just by typing random things into the ‘Search & Earn’ bar at the top of your Swagbucks page.

Search wins are random luck of the draw and it doesn’t really seem to matter what you search. Search wins are typically low, around 4-7 Swagbucks but once in a while you will get lucky and get 12,24 or 36 Swagbucks out of them. There is even a fabled 100SB bonus out there – I have seen pictures but have never won it.

Collectors Bills

Once in awhile Swagbucks will run an event called ‘Collectors Bills’, these events typically run during a holiday or seasonal promotion. During these events special bonus cards are available. If you ‘collect’ one of each card you get a bonus added to your account. If you want to know when these events are being held I suggest following Swagbucks on social media platforms and keeping an eye out for announcements.

Daily Watch

The next item on your list is the Daily watch. The daily watch is a bit of a pain but I always do it anyway. Click the link and it will take you to a second ‘to-do list’ page just ignore everything on it and scroll down to the big blue ‘Watch’ button at the bottom.

Clicking this button will take you to a video page. Feel free to click any playlist that strikes your fancy but for speed sake, I tend to go with the six videos or one Swagbucks list. Click the playlist you want and you will go to a media page.

The first video will load and start playing while the remainder of the videos will be strung out along the bottom. They will be numbered and tell you which video is playing and which you have already watched. You do not have to watch the entire video to get credit, it will take you significantly longer to earn Swagbucks if you watch the video then it will if you advance them manually once the ad has finished. As soon as the number at the top of the box turns into a checkmark click on the next video in the queue. Unlike the mobile watch, there is no limit to how many Swagbucks you can earn on these videos. If your computer is strong enough you can even let them play in the background while you work in a second tab.

My computer does not like the videos and gets too sluggish to run them while working elsewhere.  I do set them up to run while I am walking the dog or watching a movie. They don’t require a lot of babysitting but it is slow earning if you’re not around to advance them.

Deal of the Day

Next, skip the ‘Daily Discover’ and ‘Attempt a Gold Survey’ portion of the list and click on ‘Deal of the Day’ It will take you to a page where a deal is being advertised. If it’s something that interests you or seems easy to complete go ahead and try it but you don’t have to. Just clicking the link is enough to mark it off your list. Closeout this page and return to your list.

Daily Discover

Now we will tackle the ‘Daily Discover’. To earn this checkmark you must complete an offer. The easiest offer to complete is what I like to call ‘Laptop Guy’.

Laptop Guy likes to show up on your Swagbucks homepage under the label – Earn Easy Swagbucks with Sponsored Videos. It is near the bottom and you will have to scroll a bit to find him.

Clicking on Laptop Guy will open a pop-up window (make sure you allow these in your browser). Here you will either watch a quick video or be prompted to do an activity that is a bit like the NCrave you did earlier. Watch the video or look at a page and advance it when the timer runs down.

You get 2SB’s for every Laptop Guy activity you complete. I normally sit here and do them until they are no longer offered. There have been days where the Laptop guy has gotten me to my first goal all by himself.

If you look for Laptop Guy and can’t find him then you can scroll through the paywalls, found by clicking on the Discover link on the left side of your page. Try to find quick easy offers to complete. Or! Open Swagbucks Reddit. People on the Swagbucks Reddit post about offers that are working, where to find them & how to complete them all the time. Following these leads can sometimes net you hundreds of SB’s a day and can save you a lot of time.


You should be well on your way to earning your first Daily bonus and you are almost finished with you’re to-do list. The last part is the surveys. Some people hate surveys and some people love surveys. I personally find them less tedious than the videos and NCraves. I earn a good portion of my Swagbucks from filling them out, but if you hate them and you like the videos more then you do you! Over time you will develop your own Swagbucks routines and tricks to make things easier.

To start Swagbucks Surveys you need to look at the sidebar on the left-hand side of your screen. At the top of the page, you will see a list under the heading ‘Earn your SB’. You want to click on the ‘Answer’ link. This will take you to the Gold Survey page. Here you will find a list of surveys that match your profile (which you hopefully filled out when you signed up).

The survey list will tell you the approximate time it will take you to complete, the amount of SB you will be awarded as well as the survey number. When you find a survey you like (I like to choose them based on the lowest time & highest pay) click on the start survey button and a new tab will open with the survey.

Surveys can be frustrating because companies look for a very specific group of people. It can seem like you are being disqualified 90% of the time. Do not get discouraged, just keep plugging away at them. Take advantage of auto-fill when you can and be consistent in your answers. You will eventually complete one. Most surveys credit as soon as you complete them. Generally, if there is a delayed payment the survey will tell you when you start.

Earning Swagbucks to complete the rest of your Daily Goal

Completing a survey should finish off your To-do list and your mobile watch should have maxed out.  You should be well on the way to meeting your first daily goal. If you need more points then go back and do some more NCraves. You can also check out the offer walls, watch some more playlists or try a few more searches.

If all else fails and you’re really stuck for points (or you just want to earn some more). Look to your sidebar and click on the ‘Play’ link, the next page will list a variety of games. You can earn Swagbucks by playing them. Most of these games require you to buy tokens and other in-game items to earn Swagbucks. Ignore these and scroll down to the bottom of the page where there is a section called ‘Swagbucks Games’.

Open Swagasaurus Run and let that dino run straight off the cliff. Every other time you play the game regardless of your score you will earn Swagbucks. Like the mobile watch, you are limited to 10SB a day here. It’s a good last resort if you’re very close to your goal.

I hope this helps, follow this guide and you will soon be earning Swagbucks like a master! It might seem overwhelming at first but I know you can do it if I can do it..anyone can!

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