Health On Your Homestead

Fresh air, peaceful lifestyles, and inherent exercise benefits are just a few of the reasons why homesteading can be great from a health perspective. Unfortunately, it’s also essential to remember that a homestead isn’t altogether risk-free. In fact, whether you’re operating heavy machinery or attempting to manage surprisingly hefty cattle, keeping your wits about you is essential for avoiding injury or other escalating issues. 

Of course, understanding your machinery and animals should offset these risks for the most part, but in some cases, you may find that homestead health also requires some more proactive safety steps, the most pressing of which we’re going to discuss here. 

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Tip 1: Protect your ears

From the astoundingly loud sound of multiple cattle to the banging and general operational noises of running machinery, homesteads can be pretty noisy places when they’re at their peak. In many ways, these sounds are a big part of the wholesome, satisfying homesteading experience, but it’s also essential to remember that advice on hearing health generally warns against repeated exposure to sounds over 70dB. Considering that even whispers are an impressive 30dB, you can be pretty certain that whatever’s happening on your homestead exceeds that number. To make sure that you don’t suffer any ill effects as a result, it’s therefore essential to take protective measures like noise-canceling headphones whenever embarking on those loud jobs. Not to mention that, if you notice ringing in your ears or a general hearing decline, you should seek medical advice immediately. 

Tip 2: Keep clean

Getting messy is a joy of the homestead, whether that means getting stuck in with a good mucking out session or just giving your favorite goats a rub. Unfortunately, all of this comes complete with a fair amount of germs that could cause untold issues if you accidentally ingest them. Tummy bugs will certainly become a standard part of your everyday life, and pregnant women could even face complications as a direct result of these hygiene slips, especially where sheep and cats are concerned. To avoid this, it’s fundamental to get into good handwashing habits after every task, even if you’re moving onto something else equally messy. Installing washing areas in every section of your homestead can especially help to ensure that you’re staying clean, and keeping health in check as a result.

Tip 3: Understand your supplies

It’s also essential to note that often dangerous chemicals used for cleaning, lambing, and other homestead focuses need gentle handling to avoid sometimes fatal health complaints that might happen otherwise. Only by making sure that you understand the risks, usage, and correct storage of these chemicals can you avoid accidents that include cross-contamination, leakages, and general misunderstandings. All of this can help to keep you safer, ensuring that you’re able to wear the correct protective equipment for handling, and complete this risky job in the shortest possible time frame.

Make sure that your whole family stays safe on your homestead by referring back to these tips whenever you’re in doubt! 

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