How To Afford Healthcare Without Insurance

Need to see a doctor, but don’t have insurance? You’re certainly not alone! A lot of people face this problem every day, especially right now. While arguments can be made that we should have to deal with this in today’s world there are, thankfully, some alternative ways to afford or at least lower the immediate impact of healthcare if you’re uninsured. Here are just several options to look into.

How To Afford Healthcare Without Insurance

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Shop around for treatment

If treatment is too expensive at your local clinic, consider whether you’re able to find cheaper health care somewhere else. The cost of procedures can vary depending on the practice or the doctors that you use. You may also find that some clinics are more open to negotiation or possibly offer more payment options such as the ability to pay in instalments. Some states have free walk-in clinics for those that are financially disadvantaged, although these clinics will only cover basic treatment. For procedures like surgery, some people go as far as to travel abroad for treatment – even with the cost of travel included, it can be possible to save money on certain procedures by going overseas, although it’s important to research into the quality of care.

Apply for a medical loan

Borrowing money to pay for treatment isn’t ideal, however it can help to make treatment affordable. There are interest free medical loans out there that could save you money in the long run. Just make sure that you’re able to keep up with repayments – if you miss a payment you may then be charged interest.

Consider a legal claim

It’s possible that you may have been made sick or injured by someone else. This could include a workplace injury or a road injury. In these instances, it may be possible to claim legal compensation, which could help to pay for treatment. Connect with a top personal injury attorney that can help you argue your case. Some attorneys will not charge a fee unless you win.

Get help from an advocate

There are advocacy services out there that aim to help disadvantaged people get access to medical treatment. Such services may be able to help you shop around for treatment and possibly negotiate discounts or payment plans. If you’ve got a life-threatening condition and treatment is essential, using one of these services could be recommended.

Look into health insurance

Health insurance is by far the best way to afford treatment. A lot of people don’t take out insurance because they think that they can’t afford it. While monthly rates can be expensive if you’re already in poor health, there are affordable schemes out there for those that are financially struggling. High deductible plans are one option that many people opt for, however, you will need to be prepared to pay this deductible if you do require treatment. Another option to look into is group schemes – having multiple people insured with one company may allow you access to discounts, plus you’ll be able to spread out the cost. If you really feel you cannot afford insurance and are on a low income, don’t overlook the option of Medicaid – the government may be able to provide coverage for you.

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