Life Updates, What I’m doing, and Where I’ve Been!

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a bit of a wild ride. It seems like every week there is something new for all of us to deal with and process and that’s been true here at Tale From Home as well. Life has been turned upside down in more ways then one and while some of these reasons are exciting, others are less so and if I’m being honest with you, some days I don’t know if I should be excited or just cry. I’m sure some of you out there can relate and while I fully believe that we should do our best to seek out a positive mindset and I try very hard to live up to that it’s also important to recognize and admit when things are less than amazing. With all of that in mind here’s how things have been going lately!

Life Updates, What I’m doing, and Where I’ve Been!

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The Blog!

Things on the blog have changed a bit lately! With the kids home from school for the rest of the year the blog has had to take a bit of a backseat. As a result, we have suspended our typical posting schedule of Tuesdays and Thursdays for the foreseeable future. I am still trying to post as often as possible at least once a week, but I’ve been accepting more guest/sponsored posts than usual because – well… I can’t afford to turn down the extra income at the moment and my time has been spread thin! Is this ideal in the world of blogging? Not really, in an ideal world, I would be posting a lot more of my own unique and creative content.

However, I also have not been able to access a lot of the supplies needed for such posts. A lot of stores are still closed (or I’m still not willing to risk my family by visiting them because they are too small and too crowded to do so safety) and while I can order some of this online – shipping is unpredictable and slow for a lot of places due to increased demand.

The blog is not going anywhere however, in fact I’m really excited for the future and thanks to some other life updates (keep reading!) I expect there to be a LOT of fun new content this summer and fall!

The Family!

The kids have been out of school now for quite a while and while I love having them home with me it’s a bit different from our lazy carefree summer vacations!

While the school has stated that assignments will be review only, not count for marks and nothing new will be taught I’ve been making them keep up with things anyways. While I think we’ve done alright I do worry about them having such an extended holiday from their proper schooling. This is especially true for my youngest who still struggles with reading. The need to dedicate so much time to homeschool is part of the reason that blog posts have decreased. It’s also the reason that the grocery bill has increased haha!

BUT! despite all of this we do have some good news! We are moving! While moving during a pandemic is probably not the greatest in terms of timing, we didn’t know any of this was going to happen when my husband applied for a new job in November.

It’s a job that was just too good to turn down and an opportunity we have been working towards for many many years. Getting the house ready for sale has been challenging and I’ve been balancing, packing, organizing, cleaning, and small repairs along with homeschooling and online/blog work. Larger projects have been taking place during the weekend because my husband has been working away from home Monday through Friday and is only home on the weekends until we move. Things have been hectic, to say the least!

However, our new home will provide us with opportunities that we don’t have here! We will be increasing our chicken flock, growing a larger garden, and exploring other homesteading ventures like quail, rabbits, and goats. This should lead to a lot of fun and exciting projects that I plan to share on the blog with all of you!

Stay Safe Out There!

2020 has been a year of crazy so far and I truly hope that all of you have been taking care of yourselves and staying safe! Please continue to follow social distancing guidelines, check in on your vulnerable friends and family, and do your very best to keep your spirits high and your dreams in sight!

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