How to Sneak In a Little Exercise Every Day

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Every day, it feels like you’re bombarded with the best ways to keep fit. This could be through healthy eating to boost your immune system or it could be encouraging you to call a friend to motivate you to go to the gym. However, while you might start this with good intentions, you soon realize how busy you are, and this can impact your consistency, meaning you quickly fall out of the habit. There’s no doubt it is difficult to find the time to exercise, but you don’t need to give yourself an hour every day. Instead, consider these ways to sneak in a little exercise when you can. 

How to Sneak In a Little Exercise Every Day

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Wake Up Earlier 

The idea of waking up earlier might fill you with dread, especially if you already feel exhausted every day. However, getting up just 30 minutes earlier than usual gives you the chance to sneak in a quick ten-minute workout, and gets your day off to a fantastic start. If you struggle to find the time to do sit-ups or pushups, lift weights, or do yoga, this small window provides an excellent opportunity, and it also means you won’t feel too rushed to get out the door in the morning. 

Combine Your Hobbies

Whether you love to cook, watch TV, read, or knit, these often involve sitting still, or at least not doing anything else in the meantime. However, if you want to sneak more exercise into your day, you can consider ways to combine your hobbies with exercise. If you like to unwind by watching TV after work, consider a treadmill or at least a pedal machine that keeps your legs moving even if you’re sitting still.

Switch Up Your Commute 

If you lie close enough to work, then it may be possible to switch up your commute. Sure, driving to work every day is convenient, and it gives you more time to get ready, but walking or cycling to work is much better for you. Your feelings towards this will vary depending on your commute, of course. If you need to take the highway, walking or cycling is out of the question. But, something closer can be beneficial. Just make sure you exercise safety and know how to contact a bike accident attorney and the emergency services if you get into trouble. 

Keep Active At Your Desk 

Sitting at a desk all day might feel like you don’t have the chance to do anything, but this isn’t the case. There are plenty of devices that can keep you moving even when sitting still, and this will have its benefits. It won’t help you lose too much – if any – weight, but it can improve your focus and boost your happiness, which is essential for anyone who feels drained after a long day of sitting down. 

Sneaky Results 

Often, these solutions are so sneak and so simple that you won’t even realize you’re working out. Despite this, you’ll still see results after a while, which will only motivate you to keep going or even dedicate more time to getting into better shape. 

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