Invitation Cards for Graduation and Family Events

There are moments in our lives that deserve to be captured with nothing less than a fantastic celebration. Spending these moments with friends and family is definitely the best way to celebrate. Sending out invitation cards for graduation and other family events is the first step in planning a great celebration. These cards can often set the tone for the entire event and as such have always been seen as an important part of graduation parties, first birthdays and wedding planning.

Invitation Cards for Graduation from Basic Invites

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Tips for Picking A Great Invitation

Long gone are the days where we are limited by the choices we have in our local stores. Now we can go online and find our perfect invitation cards for graduation and other events from limitless possibilities! Before you go looking it’s probably a good idea to keep some things in mind!

Pick out a Theme – Themed parties are great fun! Whether you are looking for invitations, cards for graduation or a first birthday party having a theme to work with will help you narrow down your choices considerably.

Pick out a Color Scheme – Just like having a theme to work with picking out some colors you want to stick with can make planning a lot easier. Colors that are used for boy graduation invitations will likely be a lot different than the choices made for girls. Thankfully online shops like Basic Invite make this easy since they offer almost unlimited colors for the invitations themselves and over 40 colors for the envelopes. You’re sure to find something that fits your theme and palette. If you want something a bit fancier you can even pick out foiled cards with a flat or raised foil of gold, silver or rose gold.

Spend time on the Design – Most sites offer some sort of virtual designer to help you make the perfect party invitation or announcement. It’s worth it to spend a bit of time getting to know how this designer works and making sure you explore all the options offered. Some two sided graduation party invitations offer several layouts to pick from.

Try a Sample – Once you have a theme, color and basic idea for your invitation, look for a place that will let you mock up a sample. Some places like Basic Invite will even allow you to order a printed sample so that you can hold the invitation in your hands and make sure you truly like it before fully committing. If you can’t get a sample at the very least make sure the site offers digital mock-ups.

Other Options to Keep in Mind

When your planning a fun celebration there are a lot of details to take care of. You have to come up with decorations, party food options, and guest lists. Depending on the type of celebration you are planning you might even have to spend some time touring venues and ordering flowers.

If you’re doing this by yourself or find yourself overwhelmed it might be worthwhile to look for a company that will automate a portion of this for you. For instance, Basic Invite offers an address capturing service that helps you collect the addresses of your guests. You can then select these addresses during the design process and have them printed on your cards at no extra cost. For other events, you can even create a free website to share all the details of your event and manage your RSVP’s. While you could handle all of this yourself why not save yourself the time and stress?

If your working on a budget then you might consider spending some time making DIY Decorations. Simple sand art centerpieces can look very pretty and unique and are easily customizable to fit almost any theme. Use a bit of imagination and think about visiting your local dollar store. Dollar stores are especially great for balloons, tissue paper, and plastic utensils/plates.

With a bit of preplanning and some time you and your family can enjoy a fantastic celebration of this life event! If you are celebrating a wedding, first birthday or ordering invitation cards for graduation I highly suggest getting a few extra as they make excellent keepsakes to be included in your bullet journal, scrapbook or framed as part of your family photo wall.

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invitation cards for graduation and other family events. #family #celebration #cards #party #invitations< />


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