Selling Your Home in a Virtual Market

Moving can be stressful! Even after you find your new home you have to pack, deal with the paperwork, settle in, and get yourself, your kids, and your pets accustomed to a new routine and a new living space. As if that wasn’t enough to worry about a lot of people also have to deal with selling or renting their old house too! Given current world events selling a house has changed a bit over the last few months. While home interest rates are quite low at the moment traditional selling methods like open houses are less appealing, More and more people are turning to a more virtual home buying experience!

People browse listings online and making your home stand out in the crowd can be challenging. But! If you can get people to fall in love with your home online then your well on your way to some offers!

Selling Your Home in a Virtual Market

Photo : Curb Appeal Photography

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Make Drive-By’s Worth While!

People might be looking online for houses but a lot of them still like to check out the property in person. While they might not book an appointment to look inside right away they might decide to take a drive-by look at your house and neighborhood!

Before putting your house on the market you should take a step back and check out what it loos like from the road. Does the landscape need a bit of a touch up? Maybe the porch railing could use bit of paint or the summer months means a more frequent mowing schedule is in order.

Ask yourself – would you want to look at your home after driving by it? If the answer is yes then your probably good to go! If you spot a few things that could look better then you know what you need to work on!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words!

We have all heard the saying and it’s true that people can be very visual creatures! This is evident by the popularity of social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram. I can say from my own first-hand experience that many hours can be lost scrolling through home photos and dreaming about what I would do if I lived there!

This sort of wistful dreaming is exactly the type of response you want to elicit with your home sale photos and while it’s possible you could take these photos yourself if you got lucky it might be worthwhile to hire a professional. When people are searching for homes in a virtual setting good photos are worth their weight in gold and could make the difference between a quick sale or a property sitting for a while.

(Photo Courtesy of : Curb Appeal Photography)

Professional real estate photographers like Matt Harrison the founder and chief photographer at Curb Appeal Photography will make sure that your home is shown in the best possible light.

Using a professional company means that you can take advantage of their experience and equipment. These people know how to stage and photograph a home so that its best features really shine! They are even capable of including 360-degree room captures which can allow buyers to get a true feel for the space or virtual staging so that people can see what a home might look like as a furnished home.

Offer A Different Perspective!

Since people are wanting to be truly sure about a property before booking an appointment to see it in person you might want to think about offering your potential buyers a different view.

Atlanta GA drone realtor photograph‘s let your prospective buyers see your property in a whole new way. Drone photography is a great way to highlight your yard and other outdoor features that might otherwise be overlooked in traditional photos. While these types of photos are gaining in popularity they re still unique enough to draw the eyes of people scrolling through pages of typical photographs.

You can even invest in a drone video so so that people can truly see the scope of your yard and feel connected to your property even if they happen to be far away in person.

In the end, selling your home in today’s more virtual market relies heavily on your ability to make your home stand out from the crowd on a page of similar houses. Once you have caught the attention of potential buyers you stand a much better chance of bringing them over to see the property in person!

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