How To Raise Confident Kids

Confidence is something you build over time, and what better time to start building your child’s confidence than when they are young? As kids get older, it becomes more and more important for them to trust in themselves and their capabilities, while also being able to deal with failure and disappointment in a healthy manner. This is true evidence of confidence. So if you’re looking for creative ways to boost your child’s confidence, look no further, because here are 5 helpful tips on how to raise confident kids. 

How To Raise Confident Kids

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1. Lead by example

It’s no secret that kids pick up some of their traits from their parents, so if your goal is to raise confident kids, then you need to model confidence around them. Of course, this is a lot easier said than done! You may not feel confident all the time and gaining confidence and self-esteem as an adult can be challenging.

However, it is important to be open about your reservations while still showing them that taking the time to be prepared can help alleviate those worries and help you deal with a situation more confidently.

2. Give them the freedom to solve their own problems 

As parents, it is normal to want to protect your kids from making mistakes and getting hurt. That said, doing this too much can make you overprotective and might lead to parental burnout. This can lead to a negative effect when it comes to your kids’ confidence.

A better way to approach this is by teaching your kids that dealing with problems is part of life. Also, equip them with the tools or apps that support their emotional, physical, or psychological growth, which they can use to handle their mistakes, hurt, and grievances.

Of course, it’s also important to be there for them and ensure that these lessons are made in a safe environment and to let them know that you will always be there to help them out when they really need it!

3. Encourage their interests and hobbies 

If your kid has certain interests and hobbies they enjoy, one way you can build up their confidence is by encouraging them every step of the way. For example, if your child is interested in building their understanding of the world around them and how it can affect them, introduce them to organizations like Children First Canada which is dedicated to equipping kids with knowledge and empowering them to make impactful changes to their world.

If they are interested in travel, you can arrange fun trips to different cities around the country or the world or consider setting up fun learning experiences such as trying cuisines from different countries. When you encourage your children’s passions, you show them that you believe in them, and this can help build their confidence. 

4. Praise them when they’ve earned it

Jut like you enjoy hearing praise when you’ve done a good job, kids enjoy hearing praise too. Kids, especially younger ones, tend to turn to their parents for validation and approval. So, it is important that they hear positive praise from you when they’ve earned it.

When praising them, try to be specific. Instead of saying something general like “good job!”, you can say “good job with baseball practice today”. Also, keep in mind that if they’re struggling with something, you can always acknowledge their effort. Doing this will encourage them to keep trying rather then giving up and mastering a skill they struggled with is a great confidence boost!

5. Teach them to set goals

There’s no better feeling than achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself. Teaching your kids to set goals is a great way for you to grow their confidence.

If they want something, for example, to do better in school, you can help them set this as a goal and guide them as they determine the steps they need to take to achieve it. When they do finally get the thing they want, this will teach them that dreams are achievable if they work hard and remain committed. 

Having a fun way to keep track of the goals and their progress might help kids remain focused long term. Consider starting a goal tracking bullet journal with them or just keeping track of their progress on the fridge!


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% ways we can help our children become confident and successful! #family #kids #parenting #parents #SAHM #confidence #raisingchildren #children </>

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