Take Your Instagram to the Next Level!

Instagram is a fun social media platform if you happen to love taking, editing, and looking at great pictures. There is no doubt that it can be a great way to engage with your readers as a blogger and let them see a bit more of who you are in the process! The creative side of Instagram is a lot of fun and I have away’s enjoyed trying to create beautiful content to share on my feed.

However, I also have to balance this content creation with time management – there are only so many hours in a day and a lot of tasks to complete! This is where a planner and scheduler like Tailwind for Instagram can really help you out. If you already use Tailwind for Pinterest then you already know how much time it can save you and their Instagram program is no different. Especially after their recent all-new overhaul. Keep reading below for all the exciting details!

Take Your Instagram to the Next Level With Tailwind for Instagram!

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What Is Tailwind For Instagram?

Just in case you're a new blogger or you're simply not familiar with Tailwind for Instagram here is a brief overview to get you up to speed. Tailwind for Instagram is like having your very own Instagram smart assistant. Tailwind for Instagram allows you to visually plan your feed with an easy to use drop and drag planner, schedule and organize your posts so that you stay consistent and make sure your posts reach as many people as possible thanks to the help of SmartSchedule & Hashtag Finder and improve the click-through rate to your site with an Auto-Updating Bio-Link.

While Tailwind for Instagram has always been useful, their latest revamp have really stepped things up and I am very excited to give them a try!

What Are The New Features?

An Integrated Content Planner

We all know that planning our content is one of the key secrets to having a great feed. Making sure that all of your posts are on-brand but also varied enough to keep people interested can be challenging! In the past, I have made use of notebooks and digital planners to keep track of what sort of content to post each day (inspirational, educational, personal/behind the scenes/Get to Know me, promotional, etc).

Most really successful content creators suggest picking a nice variety of content types like those listed above and rotating them throughout your feed. The types of content you choose to post should be related to your blog or business. A lifestyle blog might include - tips and life hacks, healthy living, blog promotion, and family life while a food blog might choose to create categories for drinks, desserts, dinners, and snacks. It's really up to you and you might have to experiment a little bit before you settle on categories that really speak to you and your brand but the Tailwind Content planner will help you out with some great suggestions customized o your type of business.

Once you have those categories decided on you need to come up with a rotation schedule and that is where a great content planner can really shine. With easy to see color-coded categories on your visual grid is easy to see the type of content you need for the days ahead. If you're stuck on what to write then Content planner can help you out there too with fun easy to customize captions.

Visual Planning

Instagram is a highly visual platform so it makes sense that your planner should be visual too. How can you make sure that your feed flows together if you can't see it while planning? It's very important on Instagram to make sure that your overall feed is cohesive. You want to try and keep your photos connected to one another somehow. This can be done in several ways - by using the same filter on every photo, by keeping to a similar color scheme or just by making sure that your photos have a similar feel and mood to them.

Of course, the only way to really keep an eye on this is too visually look at them laid out, in the same manner, they will be on your Instagram feed. Once in a while, a group of photos might seem like a great fit in your head but once seen on your feed turn out to be mismatched.

With Tailwind's drop and drag scheduler, you get a lovely 9-grid preview that you can rearrange and organize so that you can make sure that everything looks perfect before you publish.

And just in case you don't have the ability to take a photo of exactly what you need Tailwind for Instagram features Unsplash integration which allows you to search their library of free stock images to make sure that you always have the perfect image to get your message across.

Smart Tools from your Smart Instagram Assistant

Everyone loves it when a lot of the analytics are handled for them! As content creators, most of us prefer creating content rather than trying to figure out post times and doing hashtag research. While it's always good to keep an eye on these things, sometimes it's nice to let someone else handle it.

With Tailwind for Instagram, quite a few of these tasks can be done for you allowing you more time to be creative and set up those beautiful photos. Tailwind SmartSchedule will keep an eye on your audience and suggest the best times for you to post in order to achieve the greatest engagement while an integrated Hashtag finder will help you be discovered by just the right sort of followers and if you prefer that your hashtags be published in the comments rather then your post itself, Tailwind's Hidden Hashtags will take care of that for your too. You can even save hashtag lists for future posts which makes scheduling even more efficient and faster as time goes on.

And while your feed is of the utmost importance your Bio is equally important! You can make the most of your bio link with Tailwind's  Smart.bio which is auto-updating and highly customizable! You can find out more about this fun feature by checking out this page.

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Ready to Give it a Try?

I don't think you'll regret it! As my blogging journey continues I am quickly learning the value of tools like this which help me save time and still produce the best content possible.

It's important to know that Tailwind for Instagram works best with an Instagram Business Account. This will allow you access to deeper insights and analytics and the ability to auto-publish. It is also a separate subscription from Tailwind For Pinterest which means you can use and try one or the other depending on what works best for your blog or online business! 

If you're still on the fence then you can try Tailwind for Instagram free for up to 30 scheduled Instagram posts using their trail. This is not a time-based trial so you can use those 30 posts at your leisure to really get a feel for the tool! Check it out here!

Tailwind for Instagram, Take your Instagram to the next level! #blogging #blogger #tipsandtricks #bloggingtips #instagram #tailwind</>

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