The 3 Health Tests You Need To Take Post-COVID

The symptoms of this virus are so variable that we had a hard time learning what it’s all about. Or, to be more accurate, the knowledge of the virus has changed so much that we misunderstood the early warning signs. We know that wearing a mask and gloves is important. We thought that it wouldn’t make a difference back in March, but now, it’s mandatory for good reason. We also know that it’s not just a loss of smell, but our sight that can also be hindered or altered by the virus. That has to make you think. How healthy are you in these three areas? Could you withstand something like the virus and come out the other side stronger?

The 3 Health Tests You Need To Take Post-COVID

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The respiratory system is the most affected by the novel Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The lungs are greatly damaged by pneumonia which is triggered by the flu-like virus. That’s why you should go for a spirometry test. It’s a very simple test whereby the strength of your lungs will be checked. The doctor will ask you to breathe in as much as you can, and then force the air out as quickly as you can. The measurement will be made on your exhale. The force will show if your lungs are as strong as they should be. The force you produce will be compared to the average for your age and weight. It’s so easy and non-intrusive and can be done at your local doctor surgery.



The eyes are affected by the virus, but it’s one of the last symptoms that can happen to you. It’s overlooked and could be very bad if you allow it to progress. Speak with a trusted Optometrist that can administer the test to you. This will involve examining the eyes, using precise visual equipment and systems. They will try to detect any defects or abnormalities in your eyes and offer you advice on whether you should be using treatments and medicines or wearing glasses. They use large expensive equipment to look deep into your eyes and they can detect any issues that might just be surfacing or just simply, give you a clean bill of health. They can also offer you advice on what types of sunglasses you should wear if the sun affects your eyesight too.


The third and final test is olfactory. This is when your smell sense is tested. It’s vital that you get this done before the autumn or winter where flu symptoms will not make the test accurate as it can be. The doctor will use various items and scents to see what depth and intensity your nose and sensors can detect. They’ll also use distance and location tests to see how quickly and efficiently your nose can smell items that aren’t immediately visible. This test will see if you have any underlying health issues or need to change your lifestyle such as stopping smoking.

Taking these 3 health tests is vital to know if you have escaped the virus. It’s also a good idea to experience these tests and see if you are as healthy as you should be. 

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